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Top Real Estate Podcasts for Growth

Podcasts have surged in popularity becoming a go-to source for information and entertainment for millions of listeners. With the convenience of on-the-go listening, podcast hosts can cover a wide range of topics from their field of expertise. This includes real estate.

According to Edison Research, 62% of the U.S. population aged 12 and older have listened to a podcast, with 41% being monthly listeners. A study by Nielsen found that podcast advertising revenue in the U.S. reached $1 billion in 2021, demonstrating the effectiveness of this medium for marketing.

Real estate podcasts are revolutionizing how professionals brand and market themselves. As a real estate agent, you can establish your expertise, reach a broader audience, and build a loyal following using podcasts.

ICONS of Real Estate has compiled a list of successful real estate podcasts that agents can listen to and gain valuable insights about the industry.

Best Real Estate Podcasts Overall

1. ICONS of Real Estate Podcast


Tomas Fonseca

Icons of Real Estate Podcast

ICONS of Real Estate partners with top industry professionals for enlightening conversations around real estate.

The topics range from succeeding as a new agent to actionable tips on managing a team. The wide range of topics covered has built a diverse ICONS community that consistently engages with the weekly episodes.

Tomas Fonseca is the man behind ICONS of Real Estate Podcast Network. He manages everything from curating the podcast episodes to helping other real estate agents set up their own podcasts. 

Highlight Episodes From ICONS of Real Estate Podcast:

How to Manage Real Estate In Other States - Marc Stein About His Teams And Business

Every agent wants to expand their business and establish their authority in new markets. Tomas Fonseca chats with the CEO of Links Residential Marc Stein as he shares first-hand experience managing real estate teams beyond borders. Tune in for invaluable tips on what it takes to become a top-performing professional for increased earnings.

What's the Blue Ridge Real Estate Market Like? Talk With Nathan Fitts

In this episode, Tomas hosts Nathan Fitts to get up close on the Blue Ridge Real Estate market. This episode is filled with nuggets of wisdom as Nathan gets candid about tough decisions such as downsizing his team.  Benefit from his years of experience in this empowering episode.

The ICONS community is made up of real estate professionals and prospective homebuyers and sellers looking to learn as much as possible about the real estate market in the US. The podcast network is a gateway to networking with industry peers, generating local leads, and expanding your reach.

If you would like to set up your own real estate podcast, get in touch with Tomas today.

Not yet sure about having your own podcast? You can ease into podcasting by being a guest on the ICONS of Real Estate Podcast.

An infographic of

Best Real Estate Podcasts in Different Fields

Here, in this infographic you see that in each field of Real Estate, which Podcasts are the best. Which of them are the best choice for you, whether you want to listen to them, to participate in one, or even get some idea or inspirations, so that you can have your own Real Estate Podcast.

Best Podcast overall, best commercial, best investing, best for wholesalers, best real estate news and best in real estate coaching podcasts.

As you see, we believe that Icons of Real Estate is the best Real Estate Podcast overall and also the best among the coaching real estate podcasts.

Are you curious about the ways to grow your audience and your authority in real estate market by becoming a guest speaker at Icons? Push the following button and just apply to be a guest speaker and let us take care of the rest.

Also you can think of having your own podcast, why not?

Best Real Estate Podcasts Infographics

Cash Flow Connections Real Estate podcast focuses primarily on the commercial sector. The show expertly navigates issues within commercial real estate such as private equity and cash flow focused assets.

Hunter Thompson has propelled the podcast to one of the best overall by focusing on creating value for his audience. Hunter drops priceless gems in each show, especially around making real estate investments.

Here are two of our favorite episodes where he shares actionable tips to boost your wealth with real estate:

How To Live The American Dream In 2024

The average working American dreams of making passive income to have more freedom for more important things in life like family. In this episode, Hunter hosts Patrick H. Donohoe, the CEO of Paradigm Life. Tune in to learn how to embrace the American Dream now while navigating your real estate career.

What I Would Do If I Was Starting TODAY

Get inspired by the benefit of hindsight and years of experience in this episode. Hunter explores mistakes made, opportunities missed, and what he would do differently if he were to start over.

Cash Flow Connections Real Estate podcast focuses primarily on the commercial sector. The show expertly navigates issues within commercial real estate such as private equity and cash flow focused assets.

The Kyle Handy podcast is one of the best real estate podcasts overall. This show offers valuable lead-generating resources and insights for modern agents.

The podcast successfully brings onboard guests who offer invaluable advice that actually works. The host, Kyle Handy, does away with outdated sales advice and instead focuses on strategies effective for the modern-day client.
Give Kyle Handy a listen for gems on changing brokerages, lead generation, and how to stand out in a crowded market.

4. PreReal Podcast


James Prendamano

PreReal Podcast

One of the best real estate podcasts overall is the PreReal Podcast. Hosted by James Prendamano, the show is a treasure trove of information for real estate agents.

The episodes cover vital real estate knowledge such as tax deed investing, land investing and flipping, and self-directed individual retirement accounts.

Two of our favorite episodes include:

How habits can create our future success with Jeff Wickersham

Improve your daily habits for your future success with great advice from top accountability and peak performance coach, Jeff Wickersham. 

How the election impacts the real estate market with James Prendamano

2 members of the Executive Board of the New Era Democrats, An Independent Political Association (NED) sit down with James Prendamano to talk politics and their effects on the real estate market. Get tips on how to best prepare your real estate business for election periods.

Host Bruce Norris has cemented the Norris Group Radio show as one of the best real estate podcasts for agents. The show is big on exploring challenges in the industry and inviting top minds to share their best strategies to overcome them.

Based in California, the podcast does not shy away from inviting guests from all walks of life.

Notable guests include Peter Schiff, the FBI, and features with the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Some great episodes with trouble-shooting advice for real estate agents include:

Beyond the Bench: Firm Growth, Branding & Relationships with Frank Aloia Jr.

Get insider tips on branding and growing your career with Frank Aloia Jnr, a senior partner at Aloia Roland.

Real Estate Success: The Power of Taking Action with Derek Harms

Derek Harms is an award-winning Realtor lauded for his strong work ethic and experience in multiple real estate niches. Get inspired by his no-filters discussion on what really matter for success - taking action.

6. The InvestHER Podcast


Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli

The InvestHER Podcast

The Real Estate InvestHer Podcast features co-hosts Liz Faircloth and Andresa Guidelli, a winning duo that has established the show as one of the best real estate podcasts overall.

The podcast aims to empower women in the industry to confidently step up to their full career potential while leading fulfilling lives.

Guests on the podcast include top-performing women female leaders in real estate.

Some of our favorite episodes include:

The Top 3 Tips to Build Confidence as a Woman in Real Estate Investing

This episodes explores the confidence gap, a concerning disparity of investment and career confidence between men in women in real estate. Tune in to see how the confidence gap affects career progression and what you can do about it.

The 3 Best Strategies to Secure Your Next Real Estate Deal

Most agents would love to close more real estate deals. In this episode, listeners learn to negotiate better, analyze investment properties, and identify real estate opportunities.

The Rental Income Podcast, hosted by Dan Lane is a favorite for real estate agents in property management. Dan Lane hosts landlords for candid discussions around sourcing and investing in rental properties.

The podcast also delves into managing rental units as well as challenges in the niche.

Our favorite episode on the Rental Income Podcast is the Best Landlord Interviews Of 2023. Listen in as 4 investors share insights into their mistakes, best wins, and advise on how to make it in the rental business.

Now, looking forward to become a guest speaker at the best real estate podcast, on the planet, or even having your own podcast? Let us know.

Best Real Estate Podcasts 2024 (so far)

1. Real Estate on the Up Podcast


Kyle Madorin

Real Estate on the Up Podcast

With so many real estate podcasts available, picking the best podcast in 2024 is tough. However, Real Estate on the Up podcast is one of the top real estate podcasts this year.

The host, Kyle Madorin, is a renowned industry voice, bagging the award for Top 100 Agents in the United States by RateMyAgent in 2021, 2022, and 2024.

Kyle brings onboard an enviable lineup of guests to continuously deliver value to his listeners. Tune in for the unfiltered truth about the housing market and empowered insights on real estate buying and selling.

2. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast


David Greene and Rob Abasolo

bigger pockets podcast

Featuring top-performing investors and entrepreneurs, the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast is one of the best in the industry in 2024. Co-hosts David Greene and Rob Abasolo do an amazing job of getting the best out of their guests.

Real estate agents get a breakdown of industry news, trends, and knowledge share from some of the profession’s top minds.

Real estate agents get a breakdown of industry news, trends, and knowledge share from some of the profession’s top minds.

2. Real Estate Espresso


Victor Menasce

Real Estate Espresso

Aptly named the Real Estate Espresso, this podcast has gained popularity as the go-to source of real estate investing news. Victor Menasce brings his expertise from a rich background as an author and investor to deliver powerful 5-minute sessions of industry happenings.

If you like your episodes short but packed with a punch, the Real Estate Espresso is for you.

See the full list of the best real estate podcasts in 2024

Top Real Estate Economics Podcast

The REconomy Podcast


Mark Fleming and Odeta Kushi

The REconomy Podcast

Chief Economist Mark Fleming and Deputy Chief Economist Odeta Kushi team up on the REconomy Podcasthighlightt to the economic factors affecting the industry.

Their candid approach and up-to-date discussions on all the changes in the economics affecting housing and

affordability have propelled the podcast as one of the best in the economics niche.

Check out these other top real estate economic podcasts.

Top Real Estate Podcasts For Beginners

The REconomy Podcast


Mark Fleming and Odeta Kushi

Think Realty Radio

Real estate podcasts for beginners are a goldmine for professionals dipping their toes into the deep waters of the industry.

Avoid common pitfalls of beginner real estate agents with the top real estate podcast for beginners.

Think Realty Radio. Get weekly reminders and updates to help you adjust your mindset to reach your highest potential yet and close more deals.

Want to listen to more beginner-friendly podcasts? Here’s a summary with episode highlights of top real estate podcasts for beginners.

Best Commercial Real Estate Podcasts

First, you should know that we have a comprehensive article about best commercial real estate podcasts which you can see a more complete list there.

America‘s Commercial Real Estate Show


Michael Bull

America‘s Commercial Real Estate Show

Commercial real estate is a broad niche with agents venturing into different investment sectors. The America’s Commercial Real Estate Show successfully encapsulates the sector's wide range into impactful episodes.

Hosted by Michael Bull, this podcast masterfully navigates the 20-trillion-dollar industry, bringing fresh perspectives to aspiring investors and active agents. Tune in to grow your real estate knowledge for your career growth.

Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever


Joe Fairless

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Join Joe Fairless on the best real estate investing podcast as he gathers the best expert education, knowledge, and tips to empower listeners.

Whether you’re new to real estate investing or have multiple investments, this daily show delivers impactful news, trends, and informed predictions to help you stay informed.

For more insights on growing your wealth in property, see our list of the best real estate investing podcasts.

Best Real Estate Podcasts For Brokers

Breakfast with Brokers


Joe Fairless

Breakfast with Brokers

Breakfast with Brokers is a podcast that aims to put the “real” in real estate. Hailed as one of the best real estate podcasts for brokers, the show releases a weekly episode featuring key industry players. The conversations are not defined by borders—listen to local and global market trends and get actionable tips to help you grow your business.

Best Podcast For Real Estate Wholesalers

Wholesaling Inc


Todd Toback

Wholesaling Inc

Are you a real estate wholesaler or interested in investing in the niche? Wholesaling Inc. is one of the best podcasts for real estate wholesalers.

The show is packed with gems on identifying distressed properties and how to buy and sell these deals.

Join the hosts Brent Daniels, Brent Bowers, and Todd Toback to discover how wholesaling expertise can grow your business.

Check out our list of the top podcasts for real estate wholesalers.

Best Podcast For Rental Property: Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Dan Lane shares his first-hand experience with rental properties on this top-rated podcast.

He interviews other successful landlords on their strategies for buying and managing properties. Benefit from realistic success stories on making passive income with rental properties and challenges in this niche with the Rental Income Podcast.

See the full list of the best podcasts for rental properties.

Best Real Estate News Podcast: Real Estate Today

Real Estate Today

The Real Estate Today show is arguably the best real estate news podcast. It is fast-paced, up-to-date, and the best source for timely market reports. Hosted by a team of three industry professionals with diverse experiences, the show is one of the best for staying updated on real estate news and trends.

Here are other top real estate news podcasts for timely industry reports and updates.

The Best Real Estate Coaching Podcast: Real Estate Coaching Radio

Real Estate Coaching Radio

Hosted by Tim and Julie Harris, Real Estate Coaching Radio takes the top spot for the industry's top coaching podcasts.

The hosting duo brings a wealth of over two decades of real estate experience, propelling hundreds of industry professionals in their career growth. Tune in to the trusted duo and get insights on crucial career insights such as how to prepare listings, generate leads, and navigate transactions.

Here’s more on some of the best real estate coaching podcasts.

Expand Your Audience & Generate Leads With Your Own Real Estate Podcast

Real estate podcasts offer value to agents beyond information sharing. Agents who podcast generate more leads, reach a wider audience, and benefit from cost-effective marketing.

As a real estate agent, a podcast can be an invaluable addition to your marketing efforts.

ICONS of Real Estate is your go-to podcast production partner.

If you need information about podcast production or appearing as a guest on one of ICONS Real Estate Podcast episodes, get in touch with Tomas.

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Episodes of Icons Podcasts




What is the number 1 real estate podcasts?

We can not name just one of them as the best one, but we can have a list of the best.

The list may include these podcasts for sure:

  • Icons of Real Estate Podcast
  • Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast
  • Commercial real estate Podcast

How to make money in real estate podcasts?

Real estate podcast profits! Ads, subscriptions & exclusive content. Coach listeners & host events. Build an audience, deliver value, and watch your income grow!

How does podcasting benefit you?

Increased Brand Awareness: Get your name and expertise in front of a wider audience of potential clients.
Establish Yourself as an Expert: Showcase your knowledge and passion for the industry, building trust and credibility.
Valuable Backlinks: Podcasts often link to your website or social media in the show notes, boosting your online presence.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with other industry professionals and potentially develop valuable partnerships.