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Our mission is to create a trusted community where every voice is heard and every experience is valued. We inspire and empower real estate professionals with the resources and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing market. We are committed to providing personalized guidance that enables our agents to serve their clients with integrity and expertise. Icons of Real Estate is a platform for growth. Growth for yourself and for your business.

The Birth of The Iconic Team

Tomas Fonseca is the Growth Manager of ICONS of Real Estate. He is a passionate globetrotter and marketing expert. Mr. Fonseca has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and a diverse background that includes working for Nintendo UK and in the trading industry.

Tomás's journey in real estate is marked by his exceptional ability to connect with industry leaders. Having recorded over 100 podcast episodes with top-producing agents, investors, and syndicators across North America, he has gained insights from the best in the business.

Many of his guests rank in the TOP 1% of their niche, showcasing Tomás's knack for engaging with high achievers and bringing their valuable perspectives to a wider audience. His efforts have not only made the Icons of Real Estate Podcast a must-listen but have also positioned our brand at the forefront of the industry.
What truly sets Tomás apart is his strategic approach to growth and his commitment to clients' success. He has leveraged years of experience and deep understanding of the US real estate market to guide agents and realtors to grow their businesses.

Talk to Tomas about taking your real estate business and career to the next level!

Tomás's Phone Number: (202) 838-7415‬
Tomás's Email: tomas@iconsofrealestate.com

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Kris Reid

The Boss

Tomás Fonseca

Growth Manager

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Podcast Host

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Marketing Manager


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