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Our mission is to create a trusted community where every voice is heard and every experience is valued. We inspire and empower real estate professionals with the resources and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing market. We are committed to providing personalized guidance that enables our agents to serve their clients with integrity and expertise. Icons of Real Estate is a platform for growth. Growth for yourself and for your business.

The Birth of The Iconic Team

Icons of Real Estate was founded as a premier platform for learning and networking within the real estate industry. From engaging podcasts to informative webinars, comprehensive consulting services, and authoritative guides, our aim has always been to provide valuable insights and support to professionals navigating the dynamic world of real estate.

Our journey took an exciting turn when we had the privilege of working with Avery Carl, the visionary founder of the Short Term Shop. Witnessing the remarkable growth of her business firsthand was truly eye-opening. In just a year, her team's volume soared from $59 million to an impressive $158 million, and the following year, it skyrocketed to a staggering $621 million. This phenomenal success underscored the transformative impact of our collaboration, as we helped facilitate a steady flow of leads through strategic initiatives and expansion of her agent base.

Inspired by this experience, we embarked on a quest to explore our own potential within the industry. After diligent research, Kris pursued a real estate license, with the exam successfully behind him, Kris realized the power and autonomy that came with having his own MLS, generating leads, and assembling a dedicated team.

The birth of The Iconic Team marked a significant milestone in Kris' journey. And now, he invites you to join him in this journey of empowerment and excellence. Are you ready to leave your mark and become truly iconic in the world of real estate?

Our team

Kris Reid

The Boss

Tomás Fonseca

Growth Manager

Timothy Kaitano

Podcast Host

Bruno Viera

Business Outreach Coordinator


Content Team Manager

Beatriz Andrade

Marketing Manager


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