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Meet Our Host And Growth Manager

Tomás Fonseca

A Fundamental Piece In Your Success.

At Icons of Real Estate, we understand that growth is the heartbeat of success. Our Growth Manager, Tomás Fonseca is an integral part of the journey of every agent that joins our team, fueling their vision and propelling them forward. Let us introduce you to the driving force behind the Iconic Team.

With a Marketing Bachelor's under his belt and having worked for Nintendo, Tomás entered the world of podcasts and real estate with Ardor SEO. 

Tomás has recorded over 100 episodes with top-producing real estate agents, investors, and syndicators all throughout North America. Most of them are in the TOP 1% of their niche.

Key contribution

Marketing expertise

Tomás possesses extensive marketing experience due, gained through years of successfully working in marketing departments. His in-depth knowledge of market trends, digital strategies, and consumer behavior has enabled him to craft targeted real estate marketing campaigns that resonate with potential buyers and sellers.

Real estate knowledge

Having worked closely with numerous real estate agents, Tomás understands the intricacies of the real estate landscape. His insights into buyer preferences, property valuations, and effective negotiation tactics have been invaluable in shaping our Iconic Team marketing strategies to align with the unique demands of the real estate market.

Strategic partnerships and network

Drawing from an extensive network of real estate professionals and agents, Tomás has facilitated strategic partnerships within the industry. These collaborations have allowed our team to establish mutually beneficial relationships that benefit our agents.

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Building a nationwide team of agents

Tomás brings a wealth of experience and expertise in driving businesses towards exponential growth and is now focused on assembling a nationwide team of iconic agents. The goal? To help agents run a more efficient real estate business, increase their sales, and keep more of their hard-earned commissions. 

We are not the only ones who think Tomás is great at what he does!

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June 20, 2024


June 20, 2024