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Sought after daily podcasts for top producers and investors. Our wide variety of topics has made the Icons of Real Estate Podcast a real platform for learning as we always give the wheel over to the guest to talk about their experience!


Our blog is the go-to source for information on the real estate world. We believe that sharing knowledge is the key to success in the industry and our team is dedicated to providing valuable information that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Get access to complimentary training sessions that will provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to consistently achieve your sales goals. Join us and learn from our team of experts how to improve your sales performance and grow your business.

Do you feel frustrated By The Lack Of growth In your real estate business?

You are not getting quality leads

You are not competitive in your market

You don't know how you can increase your sales

you don't have enough support from your brokerage

We can help you overcome these obstacles and grow your business. Take the first step.

Meet Your Guide

Kris Reid, CEO

Kris Reid has helped real estate professionals achieve predictable and consistent business growth and he can do the exact same for you. Kris has the vision to help agents run a more efficient business while keeping  more of their hard-earned commissions. 

Kris is also the CEO of Ardor SEO, an award-winning Real Estate Marketing Agency. He is a sought-after speaker and writer who has been featured on leading podcasts, sharing his technical expertise and commitment to delivering results for his clients. 

Kris reid has BEEN featured IN all the
major podcasts in real estate

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TJ Lokboj

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Pete Reese

Eileen O'Reilly

Anthony Pinto

Charles Chandler

Cathy Muldoon

Leslie and Jon Foster

Michael McDonald

Jordan Suber

GoGo Bethke

Tim Stout

Avery Carl

Dwaine Clarke

Rachel Gainsbrugh

Brenna Maples

Mark Raumaker

Josh Hatter

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Who is Icons Of Real Estate and what services do you provide for real estate agents?

Icons Of Real Estate specializes in helping real estate agents expand their business. The agents who join our team have the opportunity to run a more efficient real estate business while leveraging multiple streams of income. 

How does Icons Of Real Estate help real estate agents succeed?

Icons Of Real Estate drives real estate agent success through specialized real estate marketing support and effective real estate SEO strategies, boosting visibility and real estate lead generation. We also provide real estate agents with the training, tools, and knowledge they need to increase their sales.

How can real estate agents become a part of IconsOfRealEstate's team?

Real estate agents can join Icons Of Real Estate's team and grow their real estate business by visiting our "Partner with Us" page and submitting a form to express their interest and get started on this exciting journey.

Tell me more about the Icons Of Real Estate podcast.

The Icons Of Real Estate podcast is a must-listen for real estate professionals seeking valuable real estate industry insights and real estate agent tips. Additionally, real estate agents have the exciting opportunity to feature as guests on our podcast, gaining exposure to the industry by filling out the form on our podcast page. Check out our YouTube channel to listen to our podcast episodes.

How does Icons Of Real Estate partner with Ardor SEO, and how does this benefit real estate agents?

Icons Of Real Estate collaborates with Ardor SEO, our esteemed digital marketing agency sponsor. This partnership offers real estate agents significant benefits, including access to a suite of the best real estate marketing tools such as website development, Google Ads, local ads, and SEO services. These resources empower agents to elevate their marketing efforts and achieve greater success in the industry.

How does Icons Of Real Estate use social media to promote its team of real estate agents?

Icons Of Real Estate strategically utilizes social media for real estate agent promotion. Our approach enhances agent exposure and branding on social media platforms, including the active sharing of real estate listings with our wide audience, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement.

What should I do if I have more questions or want to get started with IconsOfRealEstate?

If you have more questions or are eager to get started with Icons Of Real Estate, simply fill out the form on our "Partner with Us" page. We'll schedule a FREE call with our team to get to know you better, answer all your questions, address any doubts you may have, and work together to help you become an Icon of Real Estate.