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What’s the difference between

an ICON agent and your business?

Leads! Quality, qualified home buyers ready to make a purchase!

Hitting your target is a numbers game! To sell enough houses you need to get in front of enough buyers. It’s that simple! 

More quality leads = more sales!

Referrals are great but how can you scale referrals? How can you get 10 X referrals so you can become a top producer? 

Where do home buyers go when they’re searching for a new home? Sure some go to Zillow, Facebook, even Instagram. But more home buyers search for properties on the number 1 search engine: Google!

Go to Google and search “Homes for sale near me”  I’ll wait. 

Are you the number 1 search result? Are you even in the top 10?

I guarantee you right now, that agent in the top position of Google search isn’t waiting on referrals to grow their business!

Learn how agents consistently, predictably hit their targets, year after year!


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If you want to be a top producer, you have to learn, think and act like one. The first step only you can take. It's simple!


Follow the proven strategy

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Follow the same proven strategy that the top producers have been using for years to predictably grow their business.


$3MM to $30MM in 12 months!

The difference between you and the ICON agents is deal flow! Turn the tap ON and get the leads you need to be at the top 1%

What to anticipate on the webinar:

Renowned digital growth expert Kris Reid is going to show you how to take your business to the next level by leveraging the internet to get more leads and sell more properties! 

We’re going to show you how:

  • Enticing leads directly to your website is EASY
  • Accurately forecast your sales performance
  • SEO & SEM work hard for your real estate business (so you don’t have to!)
  • Actionable secrets that will grow your business
  • And more!

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