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    How do I become a podcast guest?

    You first need to understand the process of how to be a guest on a podcast. This involves identifying podcasts that align with your expertise or story, engaging with those podcasts through social media or their websites, and reaching out to the hosts or producers with a well-crafted pitch that highlights your value as a guest. 

    If you are a real estate professional and wish to share your views, insights, and tricks of the trade with a vibrant and engaging community, sign up to become a guest on the ICONS of Real Podcast today.

    What should I do to be a good podcast guest?

    Being a good podcast guest is more than just showing up. You need to practice how to be a good podcast guest. 

    This means preparing thoroughly for the interview by researching the podcast's audience and typical content, considering your key messages, and practicing clear, concise answers. 

    Additionally, good podcast guests are engaging, provide value to the listeners, and promote the episode through their channels.

    What is the procedure for getting booked as a podcast guest?

    The procedure for how to become a guest in a podcast starts with research to find podcasts that match your interests or expertise. Create a compelling pitch that includes your biography, what you can bring to the podcast, and topic suggestions. 

    It's also beneficial to engage with the podcast through social media or comments to establish a relationship before sending your pitch. Follow up if you don't hear back but remain courteous and professional throughout the process.

    How do I prepare for a podcast interview as a guest?

    Follow these guidelines on how to prepare for a podcast interview as a guest. 

    • Start by researching the podcast to understand its format, audience, and the types of questions the host typically asks. 

    • Prepare talking points that align with your expertise and the podcast's theme, and consider any stories or anecdotes that can make your contributions more engaging. 

    • Finally, check your technical setup in advance if the interview is remote, ensuring clear audio and minimal background noise.

    How do I record a podcast with a remote guest?

    The key steps on how to record a podcast with a remote guest include choosing the right recording software that allows for multi-track recording. Second, ensure both you and your guest have a good microphone and a quiet environment. 

    Third, do a test run to check for any technical issues. Use online communication tools that are designed for podcast recording, which can minimize latency and allow for better sound quality.

    How do I pitch myself as a podcast guest?

    How to pitch yourself as a podcast guest involves researching the podcast to tailor your pitch.  Show your familiarity with their content and audience. Your pitch should clearly outline what you can offer to their listeners, including unique insights, stories, or expertise. Be concise but informative, and don't forget to include a brief bio and relevant links that showcase your credibility or previous appearances.

    How Does It Work?

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    Important Tech Tips

    We'll be recording on Zoom. It's important to be in a well-lit location so we can see your smiling face!

    Download Zoom for free here:

    Please have a quality microphone ready to go prior to our interview. Gaming headsets and internal laptop microphones are usually of not very high quality.

    Here are 3 good microphone options:
    - ATR-2005:
    - Blue Yeti:
    - Blue Snowball:

    If you order them on Amazon you can have them in 2 days and they are very valuable if you plan on doing more podcast interviews.

    As a last resort, Apple Airpods and Airpod Pros are typically okay quality.

    hAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT about having your own podcast show?