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When it comes to finding innovative ways to manage the face-to-face and back end processes of customer relationship management, Ken is the go-to person. He has spent almost his entire life in some form of business, starting with an ice cream business that he and a friend ran out of school in the 8th and 9th grade. It was during this time that Ken realized that the product or service you have to offer is only half as important as how you're offering it. And that if you stand still too long, your product melts!

It wasn't until after Ken had done his time in the corporate world that he decided to leap into real estate. Everything Ken had learned about building a business around relationships came into full swing, and it wasn't long until he had a small team of agents under him. He thought of himself as a Ryan Serhant but was really more of a Phil Dunphy (shout out to the Modern Family fans out there).

As the host of the Icons of Real Estate podcast, Ken gets to speak to some of the country's top performers and helps them take their businesses to the next level!

Ken Albon

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Ken Albon

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