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Tim Calaway  is a marketing fiend, don’t stand to close, your business may grow! Tim started his career with the 5th largest Wall street powerhouse Bear Stearns. Tim helped market Real Estate Investment Trust. In 2008 Tim’s career took a sharp turn (sound familiar) and found himself being recruited to be one of the first true contacts for Google for businesses. When people failed at their Google marketing and contacted Google for help..Tim would take over the campaign and create success. 

At that point Tim was hooked, and has spent every day (except for the days spent with his wife of 30 years and four sons) happily working with the people in  the Real Estate market, attorneys and authors of self publishing in solving their digital business growth issues. After making the decision to transfer his life to the east coast from the west..he landed here with Ardor SEO, creator of the Icons of Real Estate Podcast. Where Tim continues to serve the community in building and expanding their businesses.

Our audiences are not newbies. They're ready for their next phase of massive growth!

With Your Host,
Tim Calaway

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Our 20-30 min podcast shares some amazing MONEY-MAKING SECRETS from top-producing, ICON agents! In this series you'll learn how to implement proven strategies to 10X your business. From $3 million dollars to $30 million dollars in just 12 months!

Tune in every week to find out how to implement proven strategies to 10X your business. From $3 million dollars to $30 million dollars in just 12 months!


  • Must have a Business Growth Mentality!
  • Consider yourself as having ‘purpose;' and being thoughtful in your mission.
  • High-authority expert Real Estate business owners and Agents only, please. No consumer product companies.

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Blue Yeti

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