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The Ultimate List of Commercial Real Estate Podcasts to Listen to in 2023

Real estate professionals share their experience

Exploring Commercial Real Estate: Conversations with Podcast Experts

Competition is fierce in the world of commercial real estate investing. To stay successful, it's important to keep up with selling strategies, guidelines, and market trends. 

While there are many resources available, not everyone learns through reading. If you prefer to listen instead, there are several commercial real estate podcasts that cover everything you need to know about commercial real estate. Tune in on your commute or in between meetings to stay on top of the latest trends and insights.

Whether you're a CRE tycoon or an aspiring landlord, here are the top commercial real estate podcasts you can listen to. 

Best Commercial Real Estate Podcasts 

Podcasts are a great way to learn and absorb information while on-the-go or during your downtime. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start. To make things easier, here are some of the best commercial real estate podcasts out there right now.

1. Icons of Real Estate 

The Icons of Real Estate Podcast is one of the best commercial real estate podcasts. It aims to help realtors and investors achieve the icon stage and beyond in their career and investing goals. 

The host, Ken Albon discusses a wide variety of topics, making the podcast an authentic learning platform as guests are welcome to share their stories. 

Host: Ken Albon

Bio: Ken Albon is an astute businessman, realtor, and customer relations specialist. He knows how to find innovative ways to handle back-end and face-to-face customer relationship systems. 

He spent a while in the corporate world before deciding to delve into real estate. Ken put all that he had learned about the importance of building relationships in business to use, and before long, he had put together a small team of realtors. 

As the Icon of Real Estate Podcast host, Ken speaks to some of the top producers and helps them improve their businesses. 

Episode Length

Each episode lasts about 30 to 40 minutes. 

Episode Frequency: Weekly 

The Icons of Real Estate Podcast releases up to 10 episodes each week. 


Ken Albon interviews guests in almost every podcast. The guests include top-producing real estate businessmen, investors, and real estate coaches.

CRE podcasts are a valuable resource even on the go

2. PropTech Podcast 

PropTech Podcast appeals more to techie (and even not-so-techie) commercial real estate brokers, investors, and developers. 

The PropTech Podcast (also known as the Unissu Podcast) centers on the constantly evolving "property technology" world, and innovations that make leasing, selling, buying, and property management more convenient. 

This commercial real estate podcast specifically discusses how technology improves commercial real estate transactions. 

The host, Eddie Holmes, combines his technological expertise and commercial real estate knowledge to create a CRE podcast that mainly focuses on what lies ahead for commercial real estate. 

Host: Eddie Holmes 

Bio: Eddie Holmes is a visionary leader in PropTech. 

He co-founded Unissu, a trusted, global firm that assists commercial real estate to harness technological skills and tools for more ease and flow in their real estate business. 

Holmes also founded and chaired the United Kingdom PropTech Association. He co-founded Hyre (PropTech's talent recruitment company) and a charity in the UK. 

Episode Length

Episode lengths vary from eight to 60 minutes, but most hover around 30 to 40 minutes. 

Episode Frequency 

This commercial real estate podcast broadcasted 74 episodes between 2016 to 2019.

There are no new episodes, but existing ones still carry relevant information. 


Holmes invites guests on nearly all episodes. They discuss the evolving commercial real estate industry and share the latest commercial property innovations.

3. America's Commercial Real Estate Show

America's Commercial Real Estate Show is a podcast by Michael Bull. It's at the forefront of several commercial real estate podcasts and has been in the broadcasting business for almost a decade. 

The podcast aims to help commercial real estate brokers, leasing agents, investors, and other CRE professionals boost their income and learn more about the world of commercial real estate investing and sales.

Bull holds in-depth interviews with guests as they tackle everything related to commercial real estate, from current economic trends to real estate law, and marketing tips for motivated real estate brokers. He does that in an enlightening and friendly manner.
Real estate podcasts can help professionals boost their income

Host: Michael Bull

Bio: Michael Bull is an experienced commercial real estate pro with more than 30 years of remarkable experience. 

He's the founder of the well-renowned Bull Realty Incorporation in Georgia, with an active license to offer commercial real estate advice. 

He's also the lead coach at an extensive video training program designed to assist commercial real estate agents in boosting their income and reaching their goals. 

Episode Length

The length of each podcast episode on America's Commercial Real Estate Show varies. They range between 10 minutes to one hour, but most are about 30 minutes. 

Episode Frequency: Every Week 

America's Commercial Real Estate Show broadcasts a new episode every week, though they sometimes release even more frequently. 


Michael Bull brings a variety of top industry professionals as guests on America's Commercial Real Estate Show. Guests include entrepreneurs, technology experts, expert real estate investors, legal experts, real estate brokers, and more. 

4. The Commercial Investing Show

Real estate expert and investor Jason Hartman hosts several podcasts on real estate investing. 

The Commercial Investing Show centers mainly on CRE investing issues and solutions. The topics vary, addressing everything from property management to rent collection and property acquisitions. 

While commercial real estate brokers may not get enough advice geared towards closing deals, this podcast helps them understand the challenges and motivations faced by every professional investor. 

Host: Jason Hartman

Bio: Jason Hartman is an excellent real estate investor, author, and speaker

He's owned several properties in several states and has closed thousands of realtor deals.

Through his video training programs and podcasts, Hartman helps people realize their dreams via real estate investing

He founded Platinum Properties Investor Network and Jason Hartman Foundation, an exceptional non-profit organization that trains young adults on financial literacy. 

Episode Length 

Each episode lasts for about 30 minutes. 

Episode Frequency: Every Week

The podcast team releases one new episode each week. 


Hartman interviews guests in almost all his podcasts. He invites a variety of professionals, including developers, political figures, media influencers, high-earning investors, and economists.

Some CRE podcasts invite professionals from various walks of life

5. Real Estate Reality Check

Larry Haber makes commercial real estate podcasts fun and exciting through Real Estate Reality Check. 

On each episode, Haber interviews successful entrepreneurs, expert real estate investors, and other commercial real estate professionals who share insights into commercial real estate investing. 

They discuss commercial real estate topics ranging from real estate investing advice to tax considerations and how to leverage technology for businesses. Everyone into commercial real estate investing, from contractors to agents, will learn something valuable. 

Haber uses pop culture and musical references to keep his listeners engaged. 

Host: Larry Haber

Bio: Larry Haber was once a real estate developer but is now a CPA and attorney. 

He's the founder of Real Estate Reality Check, a commercial real estate podcast that facilitates the progress of a new breed of real estate guys. 

He also founded Leasing Reality and blends his legal expertise and years of commercial real estate experience to offer real estate investing advice to brokers, investors, and other professionals. 

Episode Length

Each episode is about 30 to 45 minutes. 

Episode Frequency: Every week

A new episode is released every week. There's also a podcast for college and high school students. 


Each episode presents a new guest, usually a top successful entrepreneur or real estate professional. 

6. Bigger Pockets Podcast 

This commercial investment real estate podcast features attainable and actionable advice for CRE professionals. The hosts, David Greene and Brandon Turner have made a tidy sum via commercial real estate investing. 

They share tips with listeners, interview commercial real estate professionals, and help everyday people gain financial freedom via real estate. 

The hosts share advice and stories in a laid-back, fun atmosphere. It feels like chatting with your favorite CRE professionals and gaining valuable information while drinking beer. 

Hosts: David Greene and Brandon Turner 

Brandon Turner purchased his first commercial property at the age of 21. He now owns almost 1000 rental commercial properties and an impressive portfolio. 

Forbes, Money Magazine, Fox News, and Entrepreneur Magazine all published Turner's real estate investing advice. 

He has authored several books on real estate investment strategies. 

David Greene is a co-host of the Bigger Pockets podcast. He's a former policeman who ventured into commercial real estate investing several years ago. 

He's since added residential and multifamily real estate investing. 

He's also won a California realtor award and authored several books. 

Episode Length 

Episodes range between one to 1½ hours. 

Episode Frequency: Every Week

The podcast releases episodes each week, with more than 350 recorded so far. 


Greene and Turner invite guests in almost all episodes. Each guest has knowledge and experience in sales or commercial real estate investing. 

They all share valuable lessons and encourage experienced and new brokers and investors to aim for financial success.

The Real Estate Guys Podcast began as a radio show

7. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Here's one of the most consistent commercial real estate podcasts in this guide. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show started advising and entertaining audiences on conventional radio in 1997. 

At that time, hosts Russell Gray and Robert Helms had an engaging weekly radio show. The podcast version is now among the most downloaded commercial real estate podcasts on iTunes. 

Gray and Helms cover several commercial real estate topics on The Real Estate Guys Radio Show. They mix their decades of experience with energy and humor to create a lively commercial real estate podcast. 

The hosts also share actionable advice and suggest the next steps for commercial real estate investors and brokers looking to build a strong portfolio and gain financial freedom. 

The content mainly focuses on market trends and investment strategies, which are valuable to agents and brokers. 

Hosts: Russell Gray and Robert Helms 

Bio: Robert Helms founded and hosts The Real Estate Guys Radio Show. 

He managed multifamily properties in his early career days and taught a class of new landlords and investors. Helms also spent almost two decades as a realtor in a popular agency. 

Today, he's a successful speaker, real estate developer, coach, and investor. 

Russell Gray is a top financial strategist who's been in the real estate industry since 1986. He's also taught courses on real estate finance at a realtor association. Gray is a well-renowned speaker and author. 

Gray and Helms are co-authors of Equity Happens, a realtor finance book.

Episode Length

Each episode typically runs between 45 minutes to one hour. 

Episode Frequency: Every Week

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show broadcasts new episodes weekly. 


The Real Estate Guys Radio Show is a blend of advice and interviews by the hosts. Guests include knowledgeable and relevant real estate investors, brokers, agents, entrepreneurs, and tax professionals.

8. PropertyShe Podcast

The PropertyShe Podcast brings different real estate leaders who discuss the latest industry topics every month. Hosted by Susan Freeman, a Partner with Mishcon de Reya, PropertyShe is among the top property podcasts.

Host: Susan Freeman 

Bio: Susan Freeman is a well-known commercial real estate influencer ranked 40th among the Top 100 Tyto Tech in 2018. Duke Long named her among the 10 most influential CRE personalities online.

Susan Freeman is the Deputy Chair of the BPF Tech & Innovation Working Group and a member of the PropTech Advisory Board. She also has a regular column on Property Week. 

Susan provides valuable knowledge for CRE professionals with her extensive experience in the industry. 

Episode Length

Episodes often run for about 55 minutes. 

Episode Frequency

PropertyShe releases one to two episodes per month

Parting Shot

Commercial real estate podcasts are a great way to keep up with the latest market trends and information in the commercial real estate industry. But there are numerous podcasts out there that may not offer in-depth analysis and relevant advice. 

This guide highlights the top 8 commercial real estate podcasts to give you insights on improving your real estate business.

As an agent, you understand the importance of staying up to date on the latest trends and information in the real estate industry. However, finding podcasts that cover topics relevant to your business can be a challenge. But fear not, because we have a solution for you. Icons Of Real Estate is a learning platform that offers frequent podcast episodes featuring guests who provide valuable information to help grow your commercial real estate business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills. Visit Icons Of Real Estate today and take your business to the next level.

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