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The Best Real Estate Wholesaling Podcasts

The Best Real Estate Wholesaling Podcasts

Real estate wholesaling is popular among professionals and investors who seek quick transactions and lucrative upfront deals. 

If you are looking to sharpen their skills, stay updated with industry trends, or even start your own wholesaling podcast, listening to the best in the field is essential. 

The number one podcast network in the world, ICONS of Real Estate, has curated a list of 11 of the most informative and engaging real estate websites that you can listen to today.

Be inspired, learn from the best in the niche, and gain insights, strategies, and expert advice about wholesaling. 

These podcasts are hosted by experienced investors and cover a range of topics that span from market analysis to deal structuring.

11 Best Wholesale Real Estate Podcasts

1. Wholesaling Inc. Podcast

Host: Tom Krol and Cody Hofhine  

The Wholesaling Inc. Podcast is a go-to resource for aspiring and seasoned wholesalers. 

Tom Krol and Cody Hofhine share their extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate market. 

The podcast focuses on actionable steps to find deals, negotiate with sellers, and close transactions. 

Popular topics include marketing strategies, overcoming common obstacles, and tips for scaling your business. 

Their engaging style and practical advice make it easy to apply what you learn directly to your wholesaling business.

2. Flip Talk with Don Costa

Host: Don Costa  

Flip Talk, hosted by Don Costa, offers a deep dive into the world of real estate investing with a strong focus on wholesaling and flipping properties. 

Don shares his journey from being bankrupt to becoming a successful real estate investor. 

The podcast covers a wide range of topics including deal analysis, project management, and financing options. 

Don’s candid discussions and real-world examples provide listeners with valuable insights and practical tips for navigating the real estate market.

3. The Real Estate Disruptors Podcast

Host: Steve Trang  

Steve Trang’s Real Estate Disruptors Podcast is known for its in-depth interviews with top-performing real estate professionals. 

Steve Trang brings on industry leaders who share their secrets to success, their strategies for finding and closing deals, and their predictions for market trends. 

The podcast also covers innovative techniques in wholesaling, technology in real estate, and effective marketing strategies. 

Listeners appreciate the high level of expertise and the actionable advice provided in each episode.

How to Set Up and Start a Great Real Estate Wholesaling Podcast

4. The Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast

Host: Joe McCall 

The Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast, hosted by Joe McCall, focuses on creative investing strategies including wholesaling, lease options, and subject-to deals. 

McCall shares his own experiences and interviews other successful investors who reveal their methods for finding deals, negotiating with sellers, and maximizing profits. 

Popular topics include virtual wholesaling, automation in real estate, and market analysis. 

Joe’s friendly approach and comprehensive content make this podcast a valuable resource for investors at all levels.

5. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Hosts: Brandon Turner and David Greene  

BiggerPockets is a household name in the real estate investing community, and their podcast is a must-listen for wholesalers. 

Hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast features interviews with real estate experts, case studies, and practical advice on a variety of investing topics. 

The podcast covers wholesaling, house flipping, rental properties, and more. 

With a focus on education and community, BiggerPockets provides listeners with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in real estate investing.

6. The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show

Host: Joe Fairless  

Joe Fairless hosts the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show, which is known for its concise and insightful episodes. 

Fairless interviews leading real estate professionals who share their best advice and success stories. 

The podcast covers wholesaling, multifamily investing, syndications, and more. Each episode is packed with practical tips and strategies that listeners can apply to their own businesses. 

Joe’s ability to extract valuable insights from his guests makes this podcast a favorite among real estate investors.

7. The REI Foundation Podcast

Hosts: Jason and Pili Yarusi  

The REI Foundation Podcast, hosted by Jason and Pili Yarusi, focuses on building a strong foundation for real estate investing. 

The podcast covers various aspects of wholesaling, flipping, and multifamily investing. 

Jason and Pili share their own experiences and interview other successful investors who provide insights into their strategies and techniques. 

Topics include deal sourcing, financing, property management, and scaling your business. 

Yarusi’s practical advice and motivational style make this podcast a valuable resource for real estate professionals.

8. Real Estate Investing Secrets Podcast

Host: Chris Prefontaine  

Chris Prefontaine hosts the Real Estate Investing Secrets Podcast, which covers a wide range of topics in real estate investing, with a strong focus on wholesaling. 

Chris Prefontaine shares his own strategies and experiences, and interviews other successful investors who provide insights into their methods and techniques. 

Topics include market analysis, deal structuring, financing, and property management. 

The podcast offers practical advice and real-world examples that listeners can apply to their own businesses. 

Chris’s straightforward and informative approach makes this podcast a valuable resource for real estate investors.

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9. Simple Wholesaling Podcast

Host: Brett Snodgrass

The Simple Wholesaling Podcast, hosted by Brett Snodgrass, aims to simplify the wholesaling process for investors. 

Brett shares his experiences and interviews industry experts who provide actionable advice and insights into the wholesaling business. 

Topics include deal sourcing, negotiation tactics, and building a successful wholesaling business. 

The podcast emphasizes practical steps and real-world examples, making it a valuable resource for both new and experienced wholesalers.

10. Wholesaling Houses Elite Podcast

Host: Max Maxwell

Max Maxwell, a prominent figure in the wholesaling community, hosts the Wholesaling Houses Elite Podcast. 

He shares his journey from being broke to becoming a successful wholesaler and provides listeners with practical tips and strategies. 

The podcast covers lead generation, marketing, deal structuring, and scaling a wholesaling business. 

Max’s energetic style and motivational stories inspire listeners to take action and succeed in their wholesaling ventures.

11. The Deal Machine Real Estate Investing Podcast

Hosts: David Lecko and Josh Johnson

The Deal Machine Real Estate Investing Podcast, hosted by David Lecko and Josh Johnson, focuses on using technology to streamline the wholesaling process. 

The hosts share their experiences and interview successful investors who use innovative tools and strategies. 

Topics include driving for dollars, direct mail marketing, and using apps to find deals. 

The podcast offers practical advice and tech-savvy solutions for modern real estate wholesalers.

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