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The Best Real Estate News Podcasts

The Best Real Estate News Podcasts

Today, podcasts provide a convenient way to consume news and expert insights while on the go. 

The number one podcast network, ICONS of Real Estate has curated a list of the top real estate news podcasts that offer valuable information and strategies to help you stay ahead in the industry. 

These podcasts are hosted by experienced professionals and cover a wide range of topics relevant to real estate.

1. ICONS of Real Estate Podcast

Host: Timothy Kaitonao  

The ICONS of Real Estate Podcast is an essential listen for anyone in the real estate industry looking to gain insights from top-performing professionals. 

The podcast features in-depth interviews with leading real estate agents, brokers, and industry experts who share their success stories, strategies, and innovative practices. 

Each episode delves into topics such as market trends, business growth tactics, client relationship management, and the latest industry developments. 

Timothy’s engaging interviewing style and the wealth of knowledge from his guests provide listeners with actionable advice and inspiration to elevate their careers and stay ahead in the competitive real estate market. 

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2. BiggerPockets Podcast

Hosts: Brandon Turner and David Greene  

The BiggerPockets Podcast is a cornerstone resource for real estate investors seeking practical advice and actionable insights. 

Hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, this podcast covers a wide array of topics, including real estate investing strategies, market analysis, and personal finance tips. 

Each episode features interviews with successful investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts who share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. 

Listeners can expect to learn about everything from house hacking and rental property management to financing deals and scaling investment portfolios. Known for its engaging and educational content, the BiggerPockets 

Podcast is designed to help both novice and seasoned investors achieve financial independence through real estate. 

3. Real Estate News for Investors

Host: Kathy Fettke  

Kathy Fettke provides timely updates and analysis on real estate markets, economic trends, and legislative changes that impact the industry. 

Her podcast is designed for investors who want to stay informed about the latest developments and make strategic decisions. 

Popular topics include market trends, economic analysis, and updates on the best rental markets.

4. Real Estate Today

Host: Stephen Gasque  

Produced by the National Association of Realtors, Real Estate Today covers the latest news and trends affecting homebuyers, investors, and agents. 

Stephen Gasque discusses market movements, buying and selling advice, and industry trends. 

This podcast is perfect for professionals who want to keep up with the ever-changing real estate landscape.

5. RealTrending by HousingWire

Host: Tracey Velt  

RealTrending provides insights from brokerage leaders, industry experts, and agents who have navigated challenging situations. 

Tracey Velt covers topics like recruitment, retention, and brokerage best practices. 

Recent episodes include deep dives into significant industry lawsuits and market analysis, offering valuable perspectives for real estate professionals.

6. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Hosts: Robert Helms and Russell Gray  

Since 1997, The Real Estate Guys Radio Show has been a trusted source for investment advice. 

Robert Helms and Russell Gray offer entertaining and informative content on investment strategies, economics, and market trends. 

The podcast features interviews with industry leaders and provides practical tips for making money in real estate.

7. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

Host: Michael Bull  

Michael Bull's podcast focuses on commercial real estate, providing insights from economists, analysts, and industry leaders. 

Topics include market forecasts, investment strategies, and the latest developments in multi-family, office, and retail properties. 

The show’s high-quality guests and in-depth discussions make it a must-listen for commercial real estate professionals.

8. The Kevin and Fred Show

Hosts: Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver  

Formerly known as the Next Level Agents Podcast, The Kevin and Fred Show features tips, news, and interviews with top experts in the real estate industry. 

Kevin and Fred discuss a wide range of topics, including market trends, business strategies, and industry insights. 

This podcast is highly rated and consistently provides valuable content for real estate professionals.

9. Keeping It Real

Host: D.J. Paris  

Keeping It Real features interviews with the top 1% of realtors, offering practical lessons and success stories. 

D.J. Paris covers topics such as running paid ads, branding a real estate business, and performing tasks via Zoom. 

The podcast provides actionable advice and insights that can help agents elevate their practices.

10. Drive with NAR

Host: Various  

This podcast from the National Association of Realtors offers peer-to-peer guidance and business-building tips. 

Recent episodes in the Safety Series address issues such as physical hazards in real estate and the challenges of entrepreneurship. 

With each episode lasting just over 20 minutes, Drive with NAR is perfect for gathering tips and tactics between appointments.

11. The Real Word

Hosts: Byron Lazine and Nicole White  

Byron Lazine and Nicole White provide insightful hot takes on trending real estate industry headlines. 

The Real Word features discussions on market trends, industry news, and practical advice for real estate professionals. 

The podcast’s engaging format and expert commentary make it a favorite among listeners.

12. The Progressive Property Podcast

Host: Kevin McDonnell  

The Progressive Property Podcast helps listeners make smarter property investments with leveraged success. 

Kevin McDonnell covers topics such as buy-and-hold investing, flipping, and deal packaging. 

The podcast offers deep dives into investment strategies and practical tips for achieving financial freedom through real estate.

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About the Author

Tomás Fonseca is the host of two popular podcasts in the real estate industry, including the Icons of Real Estate Podcast and the Ardor RE Marketing Podcast.

Known for his charismatic hosting style and infectious positivity, Tomás brings his Portuguese charm to all of his interactions, making him a beloved figure in the community. Tomás loves to travel and to deliver high-quality content and valuable insights to his listeners.

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