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The Best Real Estate Coaching Podcasts

The Best Real Estate Coaching Podcasts

Real estate coaching and mentorship are vital for professionals looking to enhance their skills and achieve greater success. 

Today, podcasts serve as an excellent medium for continuous learning, providing insights from top experts in the field. 

Would you like to understand the fundamentals of real estate coaching? Would you like to listen to the benefits and success stories of agents who have been through mentorship programs?

The number one podcast network in the world, ICONS of Real Estate, has curated a list of informative podcasts that can provide you with knowledge.

These podcasts are also popular among real estate professionals because of how their growth has positively impacted real estate businesses across the US. 

They are a source of inspiration if you are also looking to start your own real estate podcast.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these podcasts.

1. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Host: Tom Ferry  

Tom Ferry, a leading real estate coach, delivers powerful content aimed at transforming your mindset and business strategies. 

The podcast features “Mindset Mondays” for quick inspirational sessions and in-depth episodes on various aspects of real estate coaching. 

Topics include lead generation, business planning, and sales tactics, making it a comprehensive resource for real estate agents looking to boost their careers.

2. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Hosts: Tim and Julie Harris  

Tim and Julie Harris bring their extensive coaching experience to the Real Estate Coaching Radio podcast. 

The daily episodes cover a wide range of topics, from market analysis to practical sales tips. 

They also provide insights into effective client communication, goal setting, and business growth strategies. 

This podcast is perfect for agents seeking consistent and actionable advice.

3. GSD Mode Podcast

Host: Joshua Smith  

Joshua Smith’s GSD Mode Podcast stands out with its energetic approach and practical coaching tips. 

Joshua interviews top-performing agents and entrepreneurs, discussing their successes and failures. 

The podcast covers lead generation, marketing strategies, and personal development. 

Joshua’s informal style and motivational insights make this podcast a favorite among real estate professionals.

4. Kevin Ward’s YES Talk

Host: Kevin Ward  

Kevin Ward, a renowned real estate trainer, hosts the YES Talk podcast, focusing on high-octane coaching for agents. 

Each episode delivers practical sales, marketing, and business advice designed to improve skills and strategies. 

Kevin’s straightforward approach helps agents increase their production and achieve better results in their real estate businesses.

5. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show

Host: Robert Helms and Russell Gray  

Since 1997, The Real Estate Guys Radio Show has been a staple in the real estate community. 

Hosts Robert Helms and Russell Gray provide fun and informative content on investment strategies, market trends, and asset protection. 

The podcast includes interviews with industry leaders and experts, offering valuable insights for both new and seasoned investors.

6. The Max Maxwell Podcast

Host: Max Maxwell  

Max Maxwell’s podcast blends inspirational storytelling with practical real estate advice. 

Max hosts guests who have achieved significant milestones in their real estate careers, discussing how they did it. 

The podcast covers wholesaling, business growth, and investment strategies, providing listeners with actionable steps to replicate their success.

7. Real Estate Rockstars

Host: Pat Hiban  

Real Estate Rockstars, hosted by Pat Hiban, features interviews with top real estate investors and professionals. 

The podcast delves into their strategies, successes, and challenges. With over 950 episodes, it offers a wealth of knowledge on topics such as market analysis, business development, and sales techniques. 

The diverse range of guests and practical advice make it a must-listen for real estate agents.

8. Keeping It Real

Host: D.J. Paris  

Keeping It Real, hosted by D.J. Paris, interviews the top 1% of realtors, breaking down their success stories into practical lessons. 

Recent episodes cover topics like running paid ads, performing tasks via Zoom, and branding a real estate business. 

The podcast offers actionable advice and insights that can help agents elevate their practices.

9. Agent Rise Podcast

Host: Neil Mathweg  

The Agent Rise Podcast with Neil Mathweg is designed for agents looking to bring clarity to their business and break through the noise. 

Neil shares his experiences and coaching tips on building a thriving real estate business while reducing stress. 

The podcast covers business planning, client management, and marketing strategies.

10. Mike Ferry TV Podcast

Host: Mike Ferry  

Mike Ferry, a global leader in real estate sales training, hosts the Mike Ferry TV Podcast. 

The weekly episodes focus on getting more listings, handling objections, and maintaining the right mindset. 

Mike’s straightforward training style and practical advice make this podcast an essential resource for agents aiming to boost their sales and profitability.

Start Your Own Real Estate Coaching Podcast

Real estate coaching podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for professionals looking to excel in their careers. 

Become a leading voice in the real estate industry with ICONS of Real Estate's podcast production services. 

We offer a comprehensive solution to help you start your own real estate coaching podcast, from concept to launch. 

The production team, led by Tomas Fonseca, will help you manage all aspects of your podcast. This includes; content creation, professional recording, editing, and distribution.

You’ll only focus on delivering valuable insights and building your brand. 

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About the Author

Tomás Fonseca is the host of two popular podcasts in the real estate industry, including the Icons of Real Estate Podcast and the Ardor RE Marketing Podcast.

Known for his charismatic hosting style and infectious positivity, Tomás brings his Portuguese charm to all of his interactions, making him a beloved figure in the community. Tomás loves to travel and to deliver high-quality content and valuable insights to his listeners.

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