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Want a podcast but don’t know where to start? Are you just super busy selling deals with no time for consistent posting schedules, video editing, content repurposing, and meeting release days? Well, that’s where we come in! We let you focus on your genius while we handle the technicalities, ensuring your podcast becomes a strategic asset for your business.

Welcome to the Icons of Real Estate Podcast Production, where we redefine podcasting for real estate agents, offering not just a production service but a comprehensive solution tailored to grow your business. Unlike content agencies, we're your partner in elevating your brand, ensuring your podcast isn't just a show but a strategic tool for success.

Why Podcasting?

Podcasting has become a powerful medium for building personal connections and fostering trust with your audience. As a real estate agent, having your own podcast allows you to:

  • Showcase Your Expertise: Share valuable insights, market trends, and industry knowledge to position yourself as a thought leader

  • Build a Personal Connection: Connect with your audience on a deeper level by sharing personal stories and experiences

  • Expand Your Reach: Reach a broader audience and attract potential clients by leveraging the growing popularity of podcasts

So, Why Choose Us for Your Podcast Production?

Unmatched Visibility

Connect with a diverse audience of agents, potential clients, and enthusiasts. Our podcast production service curates compelling content, captivating and engaging listeners to catapult your brand into the spotlight.

Tailored Topics, Your Expertise

Craft episodes on real estate topics that matter most to you. Become the go-to expert in your niche and stand out in a crowded market by taking control of your narrative and conveying your expertise with precision.

Consistent Release Schedule

Establish an ongoing presence with our weekly production schedule. Release one episode every week, ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind. We commit to excellence, delivering high-quality content consistently.

Deep Dive into Knowledge

Connect with a diverse audience of agents, potential clients, and enthusiasts. Our podcast production service curates compelling content, captivating and engaging listeners to catapult your brand into the spotlight.

Our Podcast Production Services


Consultation and Planning 

Icons of Real Estate is a grow-your-business agency, not just a content agency. We craft podcasts beyond flashy designs, ensuring it aligns with your business goals.


Editing and Post-Production

Our skilled editors enhance your recordings, ensuring a polished and professional final product. We handle everything from sound engineering to adding intros, outros, and music.


Branding and Artwork

Create a visually appealing podcast with custom branding and artwork. We design eye-catching cover art that reflects your personal brand and draws listeners in.

Podcast for Real Estate Success Guide

Download our free guide “Podcasting for Real Estate Success” and discover how to leverage the power of podcasting to build your real estate brand, grow your audience, and close more deals.


Guest Booking and Coordination

We take care of guest booking and coordination, connecting you with your ideal guest avatar to enhance your podcast.


SEO Optimization and Impact

Maximize your podcast's reach with our SEO expertise. We handle posting episode blog posts on your website and guest articles on their website, providing valuable backlinks.


Expert Guidance and Coaching

Benefit from over 600 episodes managed by industry experts. We'll guide you to grow your business, recruit agents, close deals, raise capital, and more.

Ready to Transform Your Presence?

Let's turn your real estate expertise into engaging content that resonates with your audience.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards becoming the voice of real estate in the podcasting world!

Podcast Production Consultation

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What are the three main phases of podcast production?

The podcast production process is broadly categorized into three main phases:

Pre-production: This is the planning phase where the concept of the podcast is developed. It includes defining the target audience, choosing topics, scripting, and planning the overall structure of the podcast.

Production: This phase involves the actual recording of the podcast episodes. Hosts and guests record their audio content, and any necessary adjustments or edits are made during or after recording to ensure a polished final product.

Post-production: Post-production encompasses all activities that occur after recording. This includes editing the raw audio files, adding music or sound effects, and preparing the episodes for distribution. Uploading to a hosting platform and publishing on podcast directories are part of the post-production process.

Our services cover these three podcast production phases.

How often should you produce a podcast?

The frequency of podcast production depends on various factors such as your content strategy, resources, and audience expectations. Consistency is key; whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, choose a schedule that you can realistically maintain. Regular releases help build and retain your audience, so it's essential to find a balance that aligns with your content creation capacity.

Do you need a production company for a podcast?

The need for a production company depends on your goals, resources, and expertise. Many successful podcasts are independently produced, allowing creators full control over content and production. However, some podcasters choose production companies for professional assistance with editing, sound design, and other technical aspects. Evaluate your priorities, budget, and skills to determine whether a production company aligns with your podcasting goals.

What equipment is needed to record a podcast?

The essential podcasting equipment includes:

Microphone: Invest in a good-quality microphone for clear audio. USB microphones are suitable for beginners, while XLR microphones offer higher audio quality and are preferred by more advanced podcasters.

Headphones: Use closed-back headphones to monitor your audio during recording and editing, ensuring better sound quality.

Audio Interface (for XLR microphones): If you're using an XLR microphone, an audio interface is necessary to connect it to your computer.

Boom Arm or Mic Stand: These support your microphone and help maintain a consistent and comfortable recording position.

Acoustic Treatment: Consider adding acoustic panels or foam to minimize echoes and improve sound quality in your recording space.

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