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Which Is the Best Podcast for Beginner Real Estate Investing?

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When it comes to the business of real estate, learning from the best in the trade is essential. That is why, if you are new to the game, listening to the best podcast for beginner real estate investing will go a long way. From advice on how to get started to tips on how to close a deal, real estate podcasts are good sources of information for anyone wanting to get their foot in the door of the industry.

But there is one small problem—with the endless number of podcasts out there, which ones should you be listening to?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!

10 of the Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts That You Must Follow

We recommend the following real estate investing podcasts to follow and listen to regardless of your investment criteria.

1. Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Show with Dwaine Clarke

If you are looking for the best real estate investing podcast that can provide you with actionable advice, then you need to tune in to the Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Show with Dwaine Clarke.

Clarke is a successful real estate investor and self-made millionaire who now dedicates his time and energy to helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. On this show, he interviews some of the top minds in the industry and shares workable tips that you can use to get started in real estate investing. Thought leaders would also share stories that touch on various topics, from creative financing to making your first offer.

Known for its insightful and impactful conversations, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to get started in the real estate business.

About the Host:

Clarke is the owner of NNN Deal Finder, a website that helps investors find triple-net lease properties. He is also the author of some top-selling real estate books, such as "Apartment Building Wealth," "Real Estate Mail Box Money," and "The Real Estate IRA Investor's Guide."

2. Cash Flow Agent Show

Hosted by Huy Nguyen, who is also known as the "Cash Flow Agent", this podcast is all about helping listeners achieve financial freedom by investing in real estate. Here, Huy interviews successful guests and picks their brains on how they achieved success in the industry. He also covers various topics related to real estate, such as wholesaling, flipping houses, land-lording, and more.

This podcast is perfect for beginners who want to get an understanding of how various strategies work and which one would fit their investment goals.

About the Host:

Huy is an investment property specialist who helps people buy, sell, and invest in properties. In just a few years of engaging in real estate, he already owns and operates multiple businesses, with amazing agents by his side helping others make wise decisions and achieve success.

3. The WealthFit Podcast

There is a reason why FortuneBuilders ranks this show high on their list of the best real estate podcasts for new investors. After all, this podcast hosted by Dustin Mathews is not only about real estate investing, but also about how to create wealth in general.

You will definitely have fun listening to Mathews get into the minds of today's top investors, money-makers, and other influencers to understand how they achieved success. You will also be able to learn a lot as he covers various topics related to wealth-building, such as money mindset and goal setting.

About the Host:

Mathews is the co-founder and Chief Education Officer of WealthFit, which is a leading financial education platform. He is also the founder of Speaking Empire, which is a leadership training and education company, as well as the author of several best-selling books related to marketing, such as "R.O.I. Marketing Secrets Revealed" and "New Rules of the Game."

4. The Remote Real Estate Investor

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This is one of the few podcasts that have been seeing a growing segment of investor followers. According to Roofstock, the Remote Real Estate Investor is one of the must-listen real estate investment podcasts in 2022.

This show is hosted by three experts in the field—Tom Schneider, Michael Albaum, and Emil Shour. Together, they share their insights on a wide range of topics related to remote real estate investing. This is perfect for those who want to get started in real estate investing but do not have the time or energy to be on site all the time. It is also a great way to learn about various strategies and how to implement them successfully.

Some of the topics that you can expect to be covered on this show include long-distance property management, market identification, property analysis, risk mitigation, and a lot more!

About the Hosts:

Altogether, Schneider, Albaum, and Shour have over 50 years of experience in the real estate industry. They are also the co-founders of a real estate investment platform that helps connect investors with opportunities in the US housing market.

5. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

This is one of the most popular real estate podcasts out there and for good reason. After all, it is hosted by none other than Brandon Turner and David Greene, two of the most well-known names in the industry.

On this show, Turner and Greene interview big names in the real estate investment business and have them talk about how they have achieved success in their respective careers. If you want some real estate investing advice that can definitely help you make the biggest bang for your buck, this is the podcast for you.

This show is also a great way to stay updated on the latest trends in the industry and learn about different strategies that you can use in your own business.

About the Hosts:

Turner is an active real estate investor and writer who has taught millions of people to find, purchase, and manage investment properties. He is also the Vice President of Growth and Communications at BiggerPockets.

Meanwhile, Greene is also a successful real estate investor who is known for his brilliant property-flipping strategies. He is also the author of some books, including "Long-Distance Real Estate Investing."

6. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

As the name suggests, this awesome show covers various topics related to the commercial real estate industry. Hosted by Michael Bull, this podcast will bring you the latest news, insights, and analysis on the market. It also broadcasts some interviews with experts and thought leaders in the field.

This show is not only perfect for those who want to engage in the commercial real estate scene and start making money from it, but it is also useful to those who are already in the business but want to stay updated on the latest trends.

About the Host:

Bull is a leading authority on commercial real estate and has been involved in over $2 billion worth of transactions. He is also the founder and CEO of Bull Realty, which is one of the largest independent brokerages in the US specializing in commercial real estate sales.

7. The Real Estate Rookie

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By the name itself, you can already guess that this would be the best podcast for beginner real estate investing. This show tops Resonate Recordings’ list of podcasts in terms of helping new investors grow and realize their goals.

The hosts, Ashley Kehr and Tony J. Robinson, will give you a lot of insights and tips that you can use in getting started in real estate. You will also learn about how their guests made it big in the industry, which can surely inspire you to do the same.

What also sets this podcast apart is that it focuses on real estate investing strategies that are accessible and achievable for new investors. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that you will get from this show.

About the Hosts:

Kehr is a real estate investor, author, and coach who specializes in helping people achieve their financial goals through real estate investing. Robinson, on the other hand, is a successful real estate investor, syndicator, and consultant.

8. The Real Estate Guys

This podcast/radio show takes podcasting to a whole new level. It is one of the longest-running real estate investing shows in the world, having been on air since 1997.

Hosted by Robert Helms and Russell Gray, this show focuses on helping its listeners achieve their financial goals through real estate. It also provides some updates on the latest industry events. And, as a new investor, this would give you the opportunity to get out there, meet fellow investors and mentors, and gather some insights on the best deals that you can get your hands on.

About the Hosts:

Helms has been involved in all aspects of real estate for more than two decades, with a diverse background in the business of buying and selling properties, as well as the media. Today, he is a successful real estate developer, with projects exceeding $300 million in value.

As for Gray, he is not only Helms's sidekick on the show. He is a successful financial strategist himself, with a career background dating back to 1986.

Together, Helms and Gray co-authored the highly regarded book, "Equity Happens."

9. The Real Wealth Show

Building wealth through real estate is so much easier with the tips and information that you can pick up from the Real Wealth Show with Kathy Fettke. This is a weekly podcast that features interviews with successful real estate investors and other industry experts.

Each episode focuses on a particular topic, which can be anything from capital financing to tax lien investing. You will also get some nuggets of wisdom on how you can build your own real estate empire, regardless of your starting budget. And, if you’re new to the business, don’t worry—the hosts make sure to keep the episodes as informative and entertaining as possible.

About the Host:

Fettke is the Co-CEO of Real Wealth Network and a best-selling author known for her book, "Retire Rich with Rentals." Aside from the Real Wealth Show, she is also the host of another podcast called Real Estate News for Investors.

10. Kevin Ward’s Yes Talk

Last but definitely not least, we have Kevin Ward’s Yes Talk. This show is all about helping new investors take their businesses toward growth and success. You will hear success stories from various guests, as well as some tips and advice that you can use to grow your portfolio.

This podcast features a lot of inspiring stories from different types of real estate investors. You will surely be motivated to achieve your goals after listening to this show.

About the Host:

Ward is a well-recognized real estate trainer and speaker who delivers powerful and dynamic training on skills, systems, strategies, and scripts that help investors establish the right mindset for success. 

The Best Real Estate Investing Podcast for Your Investment Criteria

Black microphone use for podcast

So, which is the best podcast for beginner real estate investing? It really depends on what your investment goals are and what you hope to achieve by listening to these shows.

If you’re just starting out, then the Real Estate Rookie would be a great choice. For those who are looking for more advanced topics, BiggerPockets would be a good fit. And, if you want something more general, then the Real Estate Guys or the Real Wealth Show would be great choices.

Whatever your preference may be, there is definitely a real estate investing podcast out there that suits your needs.

For more interesting real estate tips and information, check the Icons of Real Estate Podcast!

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