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The Best Podcast for Beginner Real Estate Investing 

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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing: Podcast Guide for Beginners

When it comes to the real estate business, learning from the best is essential. Listening to industry-related podcasts helps beginner investors learn the tricks of the trade. 

From advice on how to get started to tips on closing a deal, real estate podcasts are good sources of information for anyone wanting to get their foot in the industry's door.

But there's one small problem. With the endless number of podcasts out there, choosing the best ones is often challenging.

If you need help choosing the best real estate podcasts, don't worry, we've got you covered!

10 Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts to Follow

Whether you're just trying your hands at real estate investment or a seasoned investor, the following podcasts will help you navigate the world of real estate investing.

  1. Icons of Real Estate Podcast

Icons of Real Estate Podcast features conversations with influential figures and industry titans, making it one of the best podcasts for real estate investors and agents. 

Hosted by real estate experts Timothy Calaway and Tomás Fonseca, this podcast offers listeners insight into the challenges, successes, and strategies of icons who come on the show. 

With five episodes released every week and over 200 episodes available to listeners, you can join 70,000 real estate professionals to tap from the wealth of experiences of over a hundred guests. 

This insightful podcast is sponsored and owned by Ardor SEO, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in online marketing, lead generation, web design, and local real estate SEO. 

About the Hosts

Tomás Fonseca works at Ardor SEO, an award-winning digital growth agency that has helped many top-performing realtors like Maggie Ives, Tim Stout, and Avery Carl increase brand visibility and generate more leads. 

As real estate experts, Tomás Fonseca and Timothy Callaway have featured top realtors like Kyle Handy, Connor Steinbrook, Elizabeth Riley, Traci Gagnon, Veronica Figueroa, and Jay Kinder, amongst others, at the Icons of Real Estate Podcast.

  1. Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Show With Dwaine Clarke

If you're looking for the best podcast that can provide actionable advice, you need to tune in to the Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Show with Dwaine Clarke.

Clarke is a successful real estate investor and self-made millionaire who now dedicates his time and energy to helping others achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. 

On this show, he interviews some of the top minds in the industry and shares workable tips to help you get started in real estate investing. Thought leaders would also share stories that touch on various topics, from creative financing to making your first offer.

Known for its insightful and impactful conversations, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants to get started in the real estate business, especially multifamily property investing.

This great podcast explores top multifamily real estate investing topics, including apartment building investing and how to generate lifetime cash flow. Thus, it's one of the best podcasts for people interested in multi-family investing.

About the Host

Clarke owns NNN Deal Finder, a website that helps investors find triple-net lease properties. He's also the author of some top-selling real estate books, such as "Apartment Building Wealth," "Real Estate MailBox Money," and "The Real Estate IRA Investor's Guide."

Two industry experts discussing in a podcast episode
  1. The Get WealthFit Podcast

There's a reason this podcast is one of FortuneBuilders' real estate investing podcasts for new investors. Unsurprisingly, this podcast hosted by Dustin Mathews focuses on real estate investing and how to create wealth in general.

Have fun listening to Mathews get into the minds of today's top investors, money-makers, and other influencers to understand how they achieved success. 

You'll also be able to learn a lot as he covers various topics related to remote real estate investing and wealth-building, such as money mindset and goal setting. Whether you're a seasoned remote real estate investor or just venturing into the real estate investing business, you'll find this podcast helpful.

About the Host

Mathews is the Co-founder and Chief Education Officer of WealthFit, a leading financial education platform where he educates investors, helping them gain more real estate knowledge. He's also the founder of Speaking Empire, a leadership training and education company.

Besides real estate coaching services, he has written several best-selling books related to marketing, such as "ROI Marketing Secrets Revealed" and "New Rules of the Game."

  1. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, two of the most well-known names in the industry, this show features industry leaders discussing how they achieved success in their respective careers

If you want real estate investing advice to help you make the biggest bang for your buck, the BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast is your best bet.

This show is also a great way to stay updated on the latest trends in the industry and learn about different strategies you can use in your business.

The podcast explores different topics ranging from multifamily investing tips to real estate investing strategies, making it perfect for new real estate investors.

About the Hosts

Turner is an active real estate investor and writer who has taught millions to find, purchase, and manage investment properties. He's also the Vice President of Growth and Communications at BiggerPockets.

Meanwhile, David Greene is a successful real estate investor known for his brilliant property-flipping strategies. He's also the author of some books, including "Long-Distance Real Estate Investing."

  1. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

As the name suggests, this fantastic show covers various topics related to the commercial property investing industry. This commercial real estate investing podcast hosted by Michael Bull will bring you the latest news, insights, and real estate market analysis. It also broadcasts interviews with experts and thought leaders in commercial real estate.

This commercial real estate podcast is perfect for people looking to engage in the commercial property scene and start making money from investing in commercial properties. It's also helpful to those already in the business but interested in staying updated on the latest housing market trends.

About the Host

Bull is a leading authority on commercial real estate and has been involved in over $2 billion worth of transactions. He's the founder and CEO of Bull Realty, one of the largest independent brokerages in the US specializing in commercial property sales.

A podcast guest giving investing tips
  1. The Real Estate Guys

The Real Estate Guys Radio show takes podcasting to a whole new level as one of the world's longest-running real estate investing shows, having been on air since 1997.

Hosted by financial strategist Russell Gray and Robert Helms, this show focuses on helping its listeners achieve their financial goals through real estate. It also provides some updates on the latest real estate industry events. 

As a new investor, this would allow you to get out there, meet experienced real estate investors and mentors, and gather some insights on the best epic real estate deals you can use to create real wealth.

About the Hosts

Helms has been involved in all aspects of real estate for more than two decades, with a diverse background in buying and selling properties and the media. Today, he's a successful real estate developer with projects exceeding $300 million.

On the other hand, Russell Gray is a successful financial strategist with a career background dating back to 1986. Helms and Gray co-authored the highly regarded book, "Equity Happens."

  1. The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

As one of the best real estate podcasts, The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience allows you to learn from best-selling authors and veteran realtors with years of experience.

Listeners learn marketing strategies, including how to create long-form videos to enable them to generate new leads and venture into new markets. Through his weekly podcast, Tom teaches realtors how to leverage industry trends to stay ahead of competitors.

About the Host

Tom Ferry is an American self-help author, business coach, real estate investor, and founder of Tom Ferry International (an events and real estate coaching company).

The company offers mentorship and coaching services for agents and hosts industry conferences and events. Tom is on the Swanepoel Power 200 list (a list of the 200 most powerful persons in the residential real estate world).

  1. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

As the name suggests, this podcast focuses on passive real estate investing, making it one of the best real estate podcasts for private investors. 

Pat Flynn hosts this podcast and features insightful conversations with industry experts, online business pros, and more.

You can learn Pat's blogging and online business strategies, killer marketing tricks and tips, and income sources to help you stay ahead of the competition in your blog or online business.

Discover how to create multiple passive income streams to enjoy financial freedom. The show has featured many industry leaders, including Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, and Tim Ferriss.

About the Host

Pat Flynn owns Smart Passive Income, the parent company of the podcast, his weekly coaching Q&A show, The Flop (a podcast for failed businesses), and AskPat 2.0.

As a renowned real estate expert, Pat Flynn uses his platform to educate investors and agents.

  1. Real Estate Rockstars

This podcast features the world’s top-producing real estate agents and coaches to help new investors learn the tips and tricks of property investing.

Whether you're interested in owning rental properties or want to stay informed on the latest industry trends, the Real Estate Rockstars is for you. Hosted by Pat Hiban and Aaron Amuchastegui, this podcast is perfect for people searching for keys to success and inspiration. 

Each episode addresses a featured Rockstar's failures and successes while offering vital tips and tricks for navigating the real estate industry.

A podcast guest discussing industry trends

About the Hosts

Aaron Amuchastegui is a renowned realtor who has bought and sold over 700 houses nationwide.

Pat Hiban is the founder of Rebus University, where he trains real estate agents. With a team of more than 50 members, he has made millions in real estate sales. As a New York Times Best Selling Author, he wrote the book "6 Steps to 7 Figures: A Real Estate Professional's Guide to Building Wealth and Creating Your Destiny."

  1. Real Estate Today

The Real Estate Today Radio Show, organized by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), is a real estate news podcast helping sellers and buyers to stay on top of market trends. 

Hosted by Stephen Gasque, this fast-packed podcast features interviews with experts, field reports, call-ins, and the latest market reports. Stephen Gasque's one-on-one interviews with top industry power players and various field reports about different markets in the US ensure the podcast has thousands of monthly listeners.

This podcast is your best bet if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest real estate trends.

About the Host

Stephen Gasque is an award-winning broadcast journalist and real estate professional. As NAR's Director of Broadcasting, Stephen Gasque has managed the radio show's editorial content since 2009, when it was launched.


How Can I Choose the Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts?

Choosing the best real estate podcasts depend on your learning preferences, goals, and interest. For instance, if you're an aspiring property manager, go for podcasts that share actionable tips for property management services.

Remember to listen to the ones that offer an online community where you can network with other property managers. 

Alternatively, you're better off listening to podcasts sharing real estate investing tips if you're a real estate investor. Check the topics covered, guest speakers, podcast style and format, and listeners' reviews to determine the relevance and quality of the information provided.

Can I Meet Other Real Estate Investors Through Real Estate Investing Podcasts?

Yes! You can meet many real estate investors and agents through industry-related podcasts, especially experts in your preferred real estate investing niches.

Some podcasts have social media platforms and online communities where listeners can network and interact with like-minded individuals.

Real estate podcasts like the Rental Income Podcast can help you network with fellow landlords to enable you to learn how to manage your rental property and improve your rental income.

Final Words

To compete in the real estate market, you need to stay updated with the latest real estate news and trends. The best real estate podcasts let you learn from top-performing professionals with the skills and knowledge to help you create real wealth and enjoy financial freedom.

Remember to look for podcasts with reliable hosts offering comprehensive, valuable content. By listening to related industry podcasts, beginner investors can expand their understanding, increasing their chances of making profitable real estate investments and achieving financial success.

To achieve real estate success, you need to learn from people who have walked the talk. Whether you're a seasoned remote real estate investor or just venturing into the real estate business, you'll find a real estate investing podcast that suits your needs.

Check the Icons of Real Estate Podcast for more valuable tips and information!

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About the Author

Tomás Fonseca is the host of two popular podcasts in the real estate industry, including the Icons of Real Estate Podcast and the Ardor RE Marketing Podcast.

Known for his charismatic hosting style and infectious positivity, Tomás brings his Portuguese charm to all of his interactions, making him a beloved figure in the community. Tomás loves to travel and to deliver high-quality content and valuable insights to his listeners.

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