Guest Bio

Joanne was looking for a company that was ahead of the curve so in November 2020, she joined EXP realty and now heads The Bolt Group, which has over 26 agents in 3 states. Currently, she is focused on empowering women and educating them about the different opportunities in real estate and consults and partners with agents across the country on how they can build their business.

Joanne knows what it takes to become a top producer and helps her agents sell more homes by applying the sales techniques for working by referral and on social media she has learned over the past 18 years in business. She helps agents grow teams and learn to work their way out of production and into a lifetime of success. 

Joanne has shared knowledge with hundreds of agents in the real estate industry through events and social media. You may catch her on her Youtube channel and podcast.

Highlights of the Episode:

01:20 - Episode intro

01:30 - Guest intro and background : Joanne Bolt

02:15 - Joanne shares her real estate journey

04:28 - Why Joanne joined EXP realty

07:37 - Joanne’s thoughts on Keller WIlliams’ profit share as opposed to the revenue share from EXP

10:03 - Joanne tells us about her decision to focus on mentoring agents

13:41 - Joanne talks about her three methods of referral

15:59 - Breakdown of Joanne’s day to day as a team leader and real estate referral agent

17:27 - Online tools Joanne uses 

18:44 - Joanne shares what she would tell her younger self if she can start over

20:17 - Joanne’s goals

22:43 - Joanne tells us what areas she thinks she has to improve and what she’s doing about it

Notable Quotes:

“There’s so many more opportunities in real estate than just selling homes” - Joanne Bolt

“Look earlier for the opportunities” - Joanne Bolt

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Tomás Fonseca

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