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Real Estate Instagram & Pinterest KWs – Building your Community in Real Estate ft. Nicole Mickle

Nicole Mickle: Empowering Success in Real Estate

Get ready for some Digital Marketing knowledge! Nicole Mickle has a 23-year career in the Real Estate industry, working in diverse roles like mortgage broker, transaction coordinator, loan officer as well as running a successful mobile notary closing company. A vigorous experience that allowed Nicole to know Real Estate inside and out. Her powerful approach with Digital Marketing, Community Management, and Social Media has been recognized nationally, and now we have the pleasure to bring that approach to the Real Estate Masters Summit.

As an Orlando realtor, Nicole is proud of her city and with a quick look on her Instagram or Pinterest, you can easily understand why. Nicole shared her insights on the best use of Social Media and what is the core objective of each post. We understood converting to a sale it’s only the last step in a careful line of interaction with someone. The importance of promoting the communities to every aspect of it also has a very important part on the selling process. 

Then to extend yourself in the media you need to deliver the content at the right place at the right time. Monica created a side blog just to show interior decor, counting now with 56k followers on Pinterest…

Are you starting to work on your online presence? Do you want to optimize your posts into generating more leads? This is the episode for you!

Quotes to put in your pocket

“I’m organically looking to create a community of people that I want to thrive in”

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