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Cody Laughlin & Brian Alfaro – Advice on Multifamily Investing ft. Cody Laughlin & Brian Alfaro

Dynamic Collaboration: The Journey of Cody Laughlin & Brian Alfaro

Blue Oak Capital can count on Cody Laughlin and Brian Alfaro as Managing Partners to lead the Houston-based Private Equity Firm with an exclusive focus on the acquisition of workforce B/C multifamily communities across Texas, Tennessee, and Kansas City. They also host the “Prosperity Through Multifamily Real Estate Investing Podcast”, for anyone seeking to learn how to create a lifetime of wealth and financial freedom by investing in multifamily real estate.

Today, Cody and Brian roam to our Real Estate Masters Summit Podcast to share their story and their WHY. As the discussion endures we can understand their insights on the quarrel between Multifamily and Singlefamily investments, the importance of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, the importance of diversifying your portfolio, and the migrations patterns and what it means to business owners. There was even time to introduce a new concept KPI, RE – Return on Effort. In the end, the Houston-based investors pull out their crystal ball and have their swing at what the future is looking like. 

Quotes to put in your pocket

“If you are willing to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, that’s where you will find success” – Cody Laughlin

“If you improve your mindset by 1% every day. That is 365% improvement in a year” – Brian Alfaro

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