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Top 7 Reasons Why Agents Are Leaving eXp Realty

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    Overview of eXp Realty

    The real estate industry is filled with unpredictability, opportunities, and choices - all of which affect today's empowered real estate agents. As agents navigate their career paths, they are constantly seeking the best environment, tools, and community to thrive. A prevalent choice for many real estate brokers has been eXp Realty, a global virtual brokerage known for its innovation and unique business model.

    eXp Realty agents have access to powerful technologies, an extensive network of professionals, training, and various professional benefits that are very enticing in the industry. Generally, the brokerage firm is a melting pot of driven professionals seeking to create successful real estate businesses on a platform designed for the 21st-century real estate agent.

    While many agents have found their professional home at eXp Realty, other agents prefer to explore the different facets of the real estate industry. Just as agents choose to join eXp Realty, some also choose to move on, further diversifying their exposure to the industry. This is a testament to the dynamic nature of the industry, where flexibility and adaptability are encouraged.

    The movement of agents in and out of a brokerage is a common phenomenon in the industry, reflecting the agents' drive to continuously seek environments that align with their evolving goals. The narrative of agents leaving eXp echoes this. After all, the freedom to choose one's brokerage is one of the elements that make a career in real estate so appealing.

    Why Choosing a Brokerage Firm is a Challenge for Real Estate Agents


    Choosing the right real estate brokerage to pursue a career is a crucial decision for every real estate agent, and it's not always an easy one. Here are some reasons why real estate agents might struggle to pick the right brokerage.

    1. Lack of Experience: New agents, in particular, may not have a clear understanding of what to look for in a brokerage. They may not yet fully understand their own career goals, strengths, and preferences, which can make it challenging to choose a firm that will best support their professional growth.
    2. Overwhelming Choices: The real estate industry is vast and varied, with brokerages ranging from small, local firms to large, international franchises. Each offers different benefits, commission structures, cultures, resources, and training opportunities. The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming, making it difficult for agents to determine which is the best fit for them.
    3. Misalignment of Values and Culture: Every brokerage has its unique culture and values. An agent may join a firm only to discover that its culture doesn't align with their work style or values. For instance, an agent who values autonomy and flexibility might struggle at a brokerage with a strict, hierarchical structure.
    4. Unclear Career Goals: If agents don't have clear career goals, they may find it challenging to choose a brokerage that can help them reach those goals. For example, an agent who wants to work with high-end clients will need different resources than an agent who wants to specialize in first-time homebuyers.
    5. Lack of Adequate Research: Some agents might base their decision on surface-level factors such as brand recognition or the promise of high commissions, without digging deeper into what the brokerage offers and whether it aligns with their needs.
    6. Changing Needs: What an agent needs from a brokerage can change over time. As agents gain experience and their career goals evolve, they may outgrow their current brokerage and need to seek out a new one that can better serve their needs.

    Common Explanations for "Why I Left eXp Realty"


    The property market is consistently subject to change and growth. An exciting element of this industry is the range of choices it offers to real estate agents, enabling them to take control of their careers and shape their professional trajectories.

    So, if it's one of the best brokerage firms in the business, why are agents leaving eXp Realty? Let's get into seven common reasons why agents who join eXp Realty choose to leave.

    1. Seeking Tradition Over Innovation

    eXp Realty has always been a pioneer in the real estate industry, embracing innovative approaches to the real estate business. They have chosen the path less traveled by operating as a cloud-based real estate brokerage, far removed from the traditional brick-and-mortar setup.

    This might be one of the reasons why many agents are leaving eXp Realty. Some local real estate agents prefer the traditional work environment where they can physically meet their team. As a business owner or real estate agent, you need to understand your work preference. If a traditional setup aids your productivity, then leaving eXp Realty could be seen as a step towards your career progression.

    2. Need for a More Structured Business Environment

    eXp Realty operates on a flexible model where real estate agents have the autonomy to build their real estate team and business. However, some real estate agents might find this model challenging, especially if they are new to the industry.

    These agents often find a structured environment like that of Keller Williams Realty more suitable. So, how to leave eXp Realty becomes a relevant issue for agents seeking more guidance and a pre-set path to follow in their careers.

    3. Desire for More Local Networking Opportunities

    While the virtual model of eXp Realty offers real estate agents a vast, global network, some agents crave more local networking opportunities. They believe that cultivating a local network is more effective for their business growth. Therefore, the cost of leaving eXp Realty is outweighed by the potential benefits of focusing on building relationships in their immediate vicinity.

    4. Recruitment Overload

    Recruiting agents is an integral part of eXp's business model. It allows agents to earn extra income and encourages growth within the company. However, for some, the emphasis on recruitment might detract from their primary focus of selling real estate.

    5. Desire for More Brand Control

    Many real estate agents leave eXp Realty to pursue opportunities where they can build their personal brand. While eXp Realty offers numerous resources and tools for agents, some individuals seek greater control over their marketing and branding. The desire to create a unique identity in the industry is a driving force behind agents leaving eXp Realty.

    6. Financial Considerations

    Joining eXp Realty involves fees and costs that might not be palatable to all agents. While many agents find the financial benefits of being an eXp Realty agent outweigh these costs, others do not. These agents consider leaving eXp Realty and joining other brokerages as a financial move that will lessen their business expenses.

    7. Seeking New Challenges

    The real estate industry is diverse, and so are the challenges and experiences it offers. Many agents leave eXp Realty not because eXp Realty is a substandard workplace, but because they are looking for new experiences and challenges that can help them grow. For some, quitting eXp Realty is about pursuing new opportunities that align more closely with new career goals.

    While eXp Realty has its challenges, it is essential to understand that no single brokerage can cater to every real estate agent's needs. For many, joining eXp Realty has been a game-changer, offering opportunities and benefits unrivaled in the industry. Nevertheless, the factors mentioned above could lead to some agents leaving eXp Realty, which should not be seen as a sign of failure, but as a positive step towards realizing individual career aspirations.

    To Summarize:

    Understanding your career goals, needs, and preferences will help you decide whether joining or leaving eXp Realty is the right move for you. As the saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks". Your journey as a real estate agent is unique, and the best decision is always the one that aligns with your unique career trajectory.

    eXp Realty has revolutionized the real estate industry with its cloud-based model, offering a compelling platform for agents worldwide. Like any other innovative venture, it presents unique opportunities along with its own set of challenges, aptly referred to as eXp Realty problems by some.

    As agents chart their paths in this vibrant industry, the exploration of different brokerages, including eXp Realty, fuels the industry's dynamism, fosters healthy competition, and ultimately pushes for constant improvement and innovation.

    If you would like to know more about eXp and how the brokerage firm operates, we encourage you to read through the eXp ICON Guide 2023 by Icons of Real Estate.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Why Agents are Leaving eXp Realty


    1. What is the brokerage model of eXp Realty, and why do agents leave eXp?

    eXp Realty operates on a unique cloud brokerage model that differentiates it from traditional and local brokerages. While this fully online brokerage offers benefits such as lower overheads and a global network, some agents prefer the more conventional model with a physical office and localized focus. Therefore, they opt to leave eXp Realty.

    2. How does the business model of eXp Realty impact agent success?

    eXp Realty's business model encourages agents to recruit agents and build a revenue share team. While many agents find success with this model, not every agent is interested in multi-level marketing. Some prefer to focus solely on selling real estate, leading them to explore other brokerages that align more with their preferences.

    3. How can agents succeed in eXp Realty's business model?

    Agent success in eXp Realty largely depends on their ability to adapt to the brokerage model. eXp Realty offers comprehensive agent training, support, and technology platforms to ensure agents succeed. However, this model is not a one-size-fits-all, and some agents may find more success with traditional brokerages or as solo agents.

    4. What role does eXp World play in why agents are leaving eXp Realty?

    eXp World is the virtual office space where many eXp agents interact with fellow agents and participate in training. While this innovative approach is appealing to many, some agents crave the tangible camaraderie of a physical office. Such agents might prefer joining local brokerages, leading to more agents leaving eXp Realty.

    5. How does the revenue share model at eXp Realty affect new agents?

    The revenue share model can be a significant source of passive income, where agents earn a portion of the transaction fees from agents they've recruited. While this model is lucrative for many, new agents without a large network might find it challenging and may choose to leave eXp Realty.

    6. Is there a cost involved in leaving eXp Realty?

    Yes, leaving eXp Realty may involve a flat fee, depending on the terms of your contract. It is important for agents to understand these implications before they decide to leave eXp Realty.

    7. How does the lack of physical offices influence why agents are leaving eXp?

    While the cloud-based model of eXp Realty provides flexibility and cost savings, some agents prefer a physical office for face-to-face interaction and localized networking. Therefore, they may decide to join local brokerages or even start their own independent brokerage.

    8. Are there advantages to leaving eXp Realty and joining traditional brokerages?

    Indeed, for some agents, joining traditional brokerages that offer a physical office, localized focus, and different commission structures could be beneficial. It's about finding a brokerage that best aligns with their business planning and career goals.

    Remember, key insights into why agents leave eXp Realty indicate that it is not about whether eXp is good or bad, but about what suits individual agents' preferences and career plans. There's no one-size-fits-all in real estate, so it's crucial for agents to find a business model that helps them avoid making the same mistakes and allows them to flourish.

    9. how to leave exp realty?

    As of December 2023, eXp Realty reported having over 89,000 agents worldwide.

    10. how to leave exp realty?

    eXp Realty operates as a cloud-based real estate brokerage, distinguishing it from traditional brick-and-mortar real estate firms. Here's how it works:

    • Cloud-Based Platform eXp Realty utilizes a virtual environment for its operations, eliminating the need for physical offices. Agents and brokers can access a wide range of services, training, and support online through an immersive 3D platform known as eXp World.

    • Agent-Centric Model: The company emphasizes an agent-centric approach, offering attractive commission splits, stock options, and revenue-sharing programs. This model is designed to empower agents by providing them with financial incentives and opportunities for ownership in the brokerage.

    • Global Network: Despite its cloud-based nature, eXp Realty offers full real estate brokerage services, including residential, commercial, and rental transactions. Agents can collaborate, share insights, and learn from each other within a global network, leveraging technology to enhance their reach and efficiency.

    • Training and Development: eXp Realty invests heavily in the training and professional development of its agents. The virtual platform hosts numerous training sessions, workshops, and seminars on a wide range of topics, from sales strategies to technology tools, available to agents worldwide.

    • Innovative Technology: The brokerage provides its agents with access to cutting-edge technology tools for marketing, transaction management, and customer relationship management (CRM) to streamline operations and enhance clients' buying and selling experience.

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