Meet Kris Reid: Real Estate Expert and Visionary 

Kris Reid's Story of Success

Kris Reid Story

I love stories. I like to know the people that I work with; I find it essential to understand where they come from, what experiences have shaped them, and what they hope to achieve in their lives. I work with people who are on fire about their business and their life. Even if they didn’t start out that way.

If you’re reading this, I probably already know a bit about your story: You want to grow your real estate business. You want to know what I can do for you. And you really want to know how far can you actually reach.

Well, I’m Kris Reid, an Aussie entrepreneur, father of 4 and a loving husband.

I love working with people who are on fire about what they do and passionate about making a difference in the world. These days, I jump out of bed at 5:30, without an alarm clock, because all I want to do is to get going.

It wasn’t always this way, however. 

As I look back I can now connect the dots between my passion for helping businesses succeed and my youth in the Australian bush, my early gaming obsession that led me to discover the magic of SEO, and the humbling experience of becoming richer as a software engineer than I’d ever dreamed possible, only to wake up penniless in Miami Beach a few years later. My journey took me far from home and far from work, broke my heart, and showed me what true freedom is. Like any good journey should do.

Long stories are the ones worth telling. A booking is coming your way with the full version and I would love to tell you in person if we end up meeting. For now, what you need to know is that real estate was not born with me nor fell on my lap.

After working in Digital Marketing for many many years, CEOing many companies, or should I say derivatives of my ideas, I reached the holy grail with Ardor SEO. A Full-Service Agency leveraging the power of SEO to predictably grow your business. Now hold on…bear with me, I’m not here to sell any of those services, I know how real estate professionals get scared around industry partners' poachers, but it’s a crucial part of my life as it got me to where I am today.

After using the same process to predictable grow someone’s business in the various industries of coaching, e-commerce, NGOs, design, and clothing, we got our first Real Estate Client. Reed Goossens. Oh, my friend, our process fitted perfectly into the world of real estate. An effortless way to grow a business, in almost a way that was cheating. We were just following a process we already had created. Ardor SEO then decided to focus solely on Real Estate and we rebranded to be a Real Estate Marketing Agency.

Disrupting the Real Estate Game: The Birth of The Iconic Team

Icons of Real Estate was created as a platform for learning and networking, to immerse ourselves in the Real Estate World. From podcasts to webinars, to consulting and authority guides, we managed to touch many real estate souls with the platform. 

We earned some Real Estate clients, and one, in particular, opened my eyes. Ms. Avery Carl, founder of the Short Term Shop. When we started out with Avery, her team was rocking on a volume of 59MM. Sounds pretty good for a short-term rental business in Tennessee, right? Well in the next year, that volume went up to $158MM. The only thing that changed was hiring Ardor SEO and hiring more agents to sustain the lead flow we were creating. But we did not step down, on the following year, Avery was on track to hit $400MM…and we were more than delighted with that…but that year Avery’s sales hit an eye-watering $621 MILLION! This coming year is going to be even better, targeting the big B.

But then again, not here to talk about SEO services. The reason I’m telling you this is that this particular growth had me thinking. How much money is Avery actually getting from those $621MM? Certainly, the 60k she pay us every year is not even a tiny finger of it. And if I can do this for others, why not do it myself?

I Googled, “What is the easiest state to get a real estate license?”. Massachusetts. After losing sleep on studying the deep ends of real estate, I passed the exam. That’s it. I can have my own MLS now, I can generate my own leads, and I can build my own team. And so it was born…The Iconic Team.

Shame on me if I wouldn’t be disrupting the game. I am. And you can be too, are you entitled to be Iconic?

Connect with Kris: +13234574087