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Top 10 Ways to Sell New Construction Homes [2024]

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There's nothing quite like the thrill of being the first to hold the keys to a newly built house. But what if you're an agent who's made a deal with a construction company to build a house specifically for sale? This situation calls for a strategic approach on how to sell new construction homes.

Here, you will learn how to sell a house using online platforms, hire a real estate agent, target families, build a Google-friendly website, set a reasonable price, enhance the in-house technology, point out the benefits of a new house, give an advantage to early buyers, win over your competition, and get to know your residence.

1. Marketing New Construction Homes Online

Marketing new construction homes is a crucial step in attracting the right customers. However, promoting significant investments like these requires more than just a casual approach. A well-thought-out marketing plan is essential. Here are some suggestions to help you craft a plan that will capture customers’ attention and convince them to make a purchase.

  • 3D visuals: An appealing display of the house is necessary to urge a customer to buy a new property. As a result, including a 3D overview of the house's interior and exterior can be a great addition to your website. 
  • High-quality images: Include exceptional pictures of the house displaying each corner separately. This gives a more thorough overview of each room and its position within the home. 
  • Include house details: discuss the location, the condition of the neighborhood, the facilities in the area, transportation accessibility, and, most importantly, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other spots in the house.
  • Invest in a good keyword plan: Optimize your online content with the right keywords and avoid unnecessary information that could drive away a customer. For instance, if you sell a property in Boston, Massachusetts, observe the related market and see how your competitors’ websites rank.
  • Get inspiration from your peers: Choose 5 to 10 of the best sellers in your work area and analyze their strategies for success. What techniques do they use to advertise their on-sale properties? Look into the slightest details, such as the colors they use, the structure of their sentences, and what makes their work so unique.
  • Include social media in your marketing plan. Use every platform to promote the property besides your website. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok allow you to interact with customers personally and in a friendly manner regarding what you are selling.
  • Highlight the house’s distinguishing features: Discuss the modern features included. Have any new technologies been used in the property? How is your new construction house different from others? What makes it so unique? Find those features and include them in the house description.

Furthermore, after finding a suitable marketing plan to enhance your knowledge, you can read about What to Include in Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Now, It is time to hire an experienced real estate professional! 

2. Hiring a Real Estate Agent

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A good realtor will value your house and tell you how fast it can sell. But this is only a part of the job because these agents will take responsibility for finding you the right buyers, setting a competitive price for your property, and organizing house tours for interested customers.

If you are an estate agent and wish to learn how to sell new construction as a realtor, the following tips are for you!

  • Know your buyer: As much as you need to work in the seller’s best interest, you still need to impress the buyer with a good introduction to the house and what would urge them to buy it.
  • Be knowledgeable: educate yourself on the recent trends in the industry and how realtors are evolving over time. Get acquainted with the laws and inform customers what they should expect from the process. If you are a reader, ask yourself: What are the Real State Books That Every Agent Should Read? Find them and get into reading!
  • Evaluate future costs: New construction homes can come with additional costs. You need to have a reasonable estimate of those expenses to avoid any surprises in the future.
  • Always be prepared: Have a clear promotional plan for yourself as an agent and your customers.
  • Be approachable: Create a safe space for your customers and invite them to approach you whenever they have questions and need help.

Succeeding as a new construction house realtor depends on how much you are willing to build a trustworthy relationship with customers and whether they will rely on you in the future or not.

3. Create a Family-Oriented Space

Since families are more interested in purchasing new houses, it is best to focus on learning about what a family seeks in a home. If you are targeting families as an investor, you need to shape your floor design based on the preferences of your target audience. 

Ask yourself: what does a family look for in the house? Is it spacious rooms? Large bathrooms? Or Are they searching for a simple place to make memories?

You can also use this trick as a realtor to convince your customers to buy a house. Learn what people value the most and use that to sell a home. 

4. Build a Google-Friendly Website

As mentioned earlier, keyword research can be vital to your marketing plan. But this is not all!

To rank high in Google search queries, you need to build well-structured content that highlights a property's main features, displays a reasonable number of images, and, most importantly, complies with the rules of SEO (search engine optimization).

A good website is direct and concise in terms of its content and functionality. To create a space with these features, consider using plugins that reduce the website’s load time to a minimum. You can examine the speed of your website with tools similar to Pingdom.

Other plugins to include are CRM (customer relationship management) and live chat-related tools, which help you better understand customers.

You can also enhance your website exposure by creating a business profile on GMB (Google My Business). 

5. Make Your Property Affordable

Person Holding 10 and 10 Euro Banknotes

Asking outrageous prices for a newly constructed house, especially in a highly competitive market, will only cause you to lose potential buyers.

Compare your selling price with the price of nearby properties. Find out how your new house differs from theirs, and add to or subtract from your price according to your findings.

The purpose of this is to create a competitive space where the highest bidders get to win the race. 

6. Technology is Key

An important feature shared among new houses is their use of technology. Equipping the space with smart devices can make you stand out and help you sell a home.

Besides mentioning your use of technology in the house, you also need to know what will enhance the house’s market value if included in the description. 

Here’s a list of smart devices and tools to help you sell the house.

  1. Smart Kitchen Appliances: these devices aim to speed up kitchen duties, and they usually include air fryers, ovens, fridges, dishwashing machines, intelligent faucets, and coffee machines
  2. Advanced thermostats: A smart thermostat can help you control the house’s temperature through Wi-fi 
  3. Smart security: new gadgets allow you to enhance the safety of your house with the doorbell or surveillance cameras and record any suspicious activities in the neighborhood
  4. Robot vacuum cleaners: smart vacuums are considered to be convenient tools for house maintenance 
  5. Smart plugs: installing smart plugs around the house reduces the risks of problems with electricity and ensures human safety
  6. Smart entertainment devices: Smart sound systems, TVs, and streaming gadgets are an excellent addition to the house
  7. Connectivity: In the modern world, having access to the internet has become an essential part of everyday lives
  8. Sustainable technology: Sustainability creates an eco-friendly house, and equipping a space with things like solar panels can make a buyer more interested in a house

 Adding some technologies can depend on the seller, but if you are a house owner considering improving their place, these suggestions can be a great start. 

7. Point Out the Benefits of Buying a New House

Explain why investing in a new house is better than investing in an old one. Tell your customers about the following details and see how they react when offered a freshly built space.

The advantages of a new house include,

  1. Zero renovation costs: Since the house is new, you will not have to worry about setting some cash aside for renovation
  2. Ready to use: With new homes, worrying about former tenants and when they will move out is non-existent.
  3. Warranty: Unlike old houses, new ones come with warranties to help you cover some of the expenses. You can learn more about Warranties for New Homes by researching the laws of your target location.
  4. Financial incentives: Buyers can offer incentives with low-interest rates to the buyers and enhance their interest in the property
  5. Customizability: In some cases, the buyers have the advantage of including their opinions in the house-building process and making the house design closer to their taste
  6. Energy efficiency: New houses are built to save energy and reduce energy consumption, even in large spaces

These are some reasons a customer needs to invest in a new house. 

8. Cheaper Offers to Early Customers

Elderly Couple Holding Keys of a House Besi8de a Man in Black Suit JacketElderly Couple Holding Keys of a House Besi8de a Man in Black Suit Jacket

You can suggest lower prices for first-comers. This will encourage buyers to go further with the negotiations and enhance the chances of selling the house earlier than expected.

At first, it might seem that this will cause you to lose money, but in the buyer’s mind, making the first offer means benefiting from a specific discount, and even if the price goes higher later, they can still take advantage of the benefits of owning a new house. 

9. Beat Your Competitors

In this step of how to sell new construction home, you will learn how to win this competition and succeed in selling your house.

1. Space

Look through the description of nearby properties and see how much space they are taking up in the neighborhood. 

By getting an overview of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and spare rooms in each house, you will have a reason to explain why your home is better than others.

Furthermore, pay attention to the importance of storage rooms, parking lots, front and back yards, and what is included in each one.

If your house includes attics and basements, which are sometimes converted into gaming rooms, do not forget to mention their existence.

2. Local Facilities

If local facilities are part of your competitor’s marketing plan, why shouldn’t you use them, too? Highlight the services offered in the area and mention how parks, medical centers, shops, malls, entertainment centers, and similar locations are accessible in that region. 

3. Property Expansion

Interest the buyers with future plans for the house. Though a new house does not need renovations and repairs, you can still discuss future remodelings with your customers. Tell them how some walls can be torn down for further expansion or how they can use up the available space by transforming it into a house office or closet.

10. Know the Residence Inside Out

Familiarize yourself with every corner of the new property. Imagine how an owner knows their house like the back of their hands, which is the level of knowledge you need to strive for. 

If you fail to study and observe the house, you have already failed in your first task, which is to know the property and what it has to offer. It is essential to see a house because you can only market something with prior knowledge. 

Create a thorough map of the house inside your head and try to notice all hidden entrances and doors. 

Eventually, going through all the ten steps on how to sell new construction house should bring you to one outcome: convincing the buyer to sign the deal and receive the keys to their new property.

How to Build and Sell Houses: Bonus Tips

To help you further with how to build and sell houses, we will explain the steps to building a home and later discuss how these properties can be sold.

Aerial Photo Of Brown 3-story House

1. Buy a Land

Find the perfect land for your house construction depends on several factors, which are,

  • Select your living space: whether you are going to move into the new house or planning on selling it to interested buyers,  you still need to choose a land where living conditions meet the new owner’s needs.
  • Sort out your finances: How much are you willing to spend on buying land? Find a spot that meets your budget and has a high chance of making a good profit.
  • Inspect the land: make sure there are no cases of termites in the area and try to ask the neighbors if they ever had any problems with rodents and the like

Once you have selected the land, it is time to prepare the necessary documents, get a permit, and start building your property.

2. Build the House

After receiving your construction permit, the land needs to be leveled and prepared for footing installation. 

The next step is to install the pipe system before building the walls. This will be followed by assembling the general structure of the house, including the floors, walls, and roofs.

Later, you need to take care of the house's ventilation, electricity,  and water supply.

Other steps include designing the rooms and taking care of their appearance by installing lamps, tiles, faucets, and anything necessary to complete a house. 

3. Sell the House 

To sell a house, you must specify your timeline, hire a real estate agent, determine your price, use appealing images, review the offers, calculate the costs, and close the deal by completing the necessary paperwork. 

You can always find ways to sell your house, and if you think this is not enough, go through our top 10 suggestions one more time!


Do new construction homes have good resale value?

Yes, new construction homes have higher resale value than old properties. This is because new houses require no renovation and repair expenses from the buyer, and the new owner will spend less time moving into their new place.  

Is it profitable to build a house and sell it?

Building houses can be profitable if it is done based on a solid plan. An investor must have the right resources and meet the expenses of building a new property to avoid finishing up with a half-finished project and zero profit.

Does it make more sense to buy or build a house?

Surprisingly, building a house can help you save more money than you can imagine. When buying an old house, you are more likely to need to set a budget for renovating it; however, this is not a requirement with new homes.

Building a new house and putting it up for sale can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can make a lot of profit as a property owner. The best way to master the art of real estate would be to research the industry, and there is no better place than Icons of Real Estate to do that! 

We bring different experts together to answer all your questions about real estate and help you find the best resources for your problems.

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