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Top Real Estate Networking Events for Professionals in 2024

real estate networking events

Real estate networking events provide an opportunity to boost your growth with a blend of knowledge and connections. The right event can arm you with leading strategies, unlock profitable deals, and propel your success beyond expectations.

But with a packed calendar of conferences and expos, the question arises, "Which events are worth your time and investment?"

That's why we have created this guide to help you choose the best real estate networking events that deliver exceptional value and bring you closer to your business goals. We've handpicked the top 15 real estate networking events in 2024, chosen for their offerings, industry reputation, and potential to elevate your career.

Get ready to explore the key destinations for real estate professionals this year!

Why Attend Real Estate Networking Events?

Real estate, like any other industry, is all about connections. Attending networking events allows you to meet and interact with a diverse group of professionals from different fields within the real estate industry. From agents and brokers to investors and developers, these events bring together a wide range of individuals who can provide valuable insights, tips, and opportunities.

Moreover, real estate networking events offer a platform for learning from industry experts. These events often feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops where you can gain knowledge about the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the real estate market. This is especially important in today's rapidly evolving real estate landscape, where staying updated is crucial for success.

Apart from networking and learning opportunities, attending these events also allows you to showcase your brand and establish yourself as an expert in the industry. By actively participating in discussions and engaging with other attendees, you can raise awareness about your business and build credibility within the real estate community.

15 Real Estate Networking Events That You Shouldn’t Miss This 2024

When you search “real estate networking events near me” online, you’ll find that there are many conferences and trade shows, each promising invaluable insights and connections. Here are some events that you should attend this year.

1. Inman Connect 2024

New York City

Date: January 23-25

This is one of the real estate networking events where you can dive into the future of the industry. Inman Connect is more than just another conference—it's an experience.

During this event, you can immerse yourself in engaging sessions led by industry titans, explore the latest tech innovations, and forge connections with movers and shakers reshaping the market. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a rising star, Inman Connect offers something for everyone, from cutting-edge marketing strategies to thought-provoking discussions on the evolving consumer landscape. Prepare to leave energized, inspired, and equipped to conquer the year ahead.

2. I.CON West: The Industrial Conference

Long Beach, CA

Date: March 11-12

Focusing on the booming world of industrial real estate, I.CON West is a targeted conference that delves into the sector's dynamic landscape, offering insights into investment opportunities, development trends, and the evolving needs of e-commerce giants and logistics heavyweights. Connect with key players, discover next-gen warehousing solutions, and learn how to capitalize on the rising demand for industrial space. I.CON West is your gateway to this lucrative and fast-paced segment of the real estate market.

3. Los Angeles ESG & Sustainability Commercial Real Estate Conference by Bisnow

Los Angeles, CA

Date: March 20

Embrace the future of responsible real estate development at the Los Angeles ESG & Sustainability Commercial Real Estate Conference. This event tackles the crucial issues of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) integration in the commercial sector.

Here, you can gain practical knowledge on best practices for energy efficiency, green building strategies, and community engagement initiatives. You can also network with sustainability leaders, discover investment opportunities aligned with ESG principles, and learn how to differentiate your business in a market increasingly driven by environmental and social consciousness.


New York City

Date: April 1-3

The retail landscape is changing, and RETCON is your compass for navigating the transformation. This event unravels the complexities of the sector, covering everything from innovative store concepts to evolving consumer trends. You can gain insights from industry experts, discover cutting-edge technologies reshaping the retail experience, and network with key players driving the sector's evolution.

Whether you specialize in shopping malls, flagship stores, or neighborhood boutiques, RETCON equips you with the knowledge and connections to thrive in the new era of retail.

5The REALTORS Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo

Washington, DC

Date: May 3-4

Make your voice heard and stay ahead of policy changes at this event. The REALTORS Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo offers a unique platform to advocate for your industry and connect with lawmakers directly. You can attend informative sessions on pressing issues, network with fellow REALTORS members, and gain the tools and resources to ensure your voice is represented in the halls of power. This is your chance to shape the future of real estate policy and leave a lasting impact on the profession.

6. LRE 20th Annual Luxury Real Estate Spring Retreat

Palm Springs, CA

Date: May 5-8

The sun-kissed Palm Springs sets the stage for this exclusive retreat dedicated to mastering the art of luxury real estate. Here, you can immerse yourself in intimate sessions led by industry icons, network with affluent clientele and fellow high-end specialists, and gain insights into the unique needs and expectations of discerning buyers and sellers. From curated tours of luxurious properties to in-depth discussions on international markets and cutting-edge marketing strategies, this retreat elevates your knowledge and connections to new heights.

If you’re in California and searching "real estate agent networking events near me" online, then this event is one to attend.

real estate networking events near me

7. NAIOP’s National Forums Symposium

Minneapolis, MN

Date: May 8-10

Sharpen your development acumen and connect with commercial real estate experts at this prestigious symposium. NAIOP offers a deep dive into market trends, financing strategies, and development best practices, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving landscape. This event is a good opportunity to network with industry leaders, discover cutting-edge solutions, and gain insights into the hottest markets and emerging trends.

8. Apartmentalize

Philadelphia, PA

Date: June 19-21

As the name suggests, Apartmentalize is all about the vibrant world of multifamily living. This dynamic event showcases the latest technologies, design trends, and resident engagement strategies shaping the future of apartments. You can connect with key players, experience immersive demonstrations, and discover innovative solutions to maximize occupancy rates and boost ROI. From smart building technologies to co-living concepts and pet-friendly amenities, Apartmentalize keeps you ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving sector.

Remember, real estate networking events might not always cater to niche markets, but Apartmentalize is your dedicated hub for connecting and thriving in the multifamily sphere.

9. Tom Ferry’s Success Summit

Dallas, TX

Date: August 27-29

In this event, you can master the art of real estate sales under the guidance of the legendary, Tom Ferry. This intensive summit delivers actionable strategies, powerful tactics, and the mindset shift you need to dominate the market.

You can also network with fellow attendees, share best practices, and leave equipped to crush your goals and redefine success. This summit is like a transformative boot camp—a direct line to unlocking your ultimate sales potential.

10. RISMedia's 2024 CEO & Leadership Exchange

Washington, DC

Date: September 4-6

RISMedia's exclusive exchange is all about sharpening your leadership skills and gaining invaluable insights from industry pioneers. You can even network with CEOs, engage in thought-provoking discussions on critical industry issues, and discover next-gen strategies for growth and innovation. You’ll learn everything, from navigating market disruptions to building high-performing teams to take your business to the next level. Leave equipped with actionable strategies, expanded networks, and the vision to lead your company toward an even more successful future.

11. REimagine! Conference & Expo

Long Beach, CA

Date: September 24-26

Embrace a revolution in real estate at REimagine! This dynamic series ignites innovation across North America, exploring disruptive technologies, groundbreaking marketing, and the future of the built environment. You can network with diverse professionals, from tech pioneers to sustainability champions, in immersive sessions.

12. 27th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference

Charleston, SC

Date: October 6-9

Charleston's charm meets luxury expertise at this prestigious conference. Here, you’ll be able to hone your skills in intimate sessions led by industry legends, forge connections with affluent clientele and fellow high-end specialists, and navigate the ever-evolving world of luxury properties. From waterfront estates to historic mansions, Charleston provides the perfect backdrop for exploring cutting-edge marketing, international trends, and bespoke client services.

13. NAR NXT, The REALTOR Experience Conference & Expo

Boston, MA

Date: November 8–10

In this expo, you’ll receive the knowledge and resources to sharpen your edge and connect with a nationwide network of fellow realtors. Spearheaded by the authoritative National Association of REALTORS, this immersive experience blends cutting-edge education with dynamic networking opportunities.

You can dive deep into legislative updates, discover tech tools to boost your efficiency, and gain insights into market trends shaping the future of real estate. From workshops led by industry icons to bustling expo halls showcasing innovative solutions, NAR NXT equips you with the knowledge and connections to thrive in today's ever-changing market.

Remember, local events often lack the national reach and comprehensive focus of NAR NXT. This is your chance to tap into a nationwide network of expertise and connect with the broader realtor community.

14. CREtech New York 2024

New York City

Date: November 13-14

Witness the future of commercial real estate unfolding at CREtech New York. This event brings together tech visionaries, industry leaders, and real estate professionals to explore the transformative power of technology. You can network with early adopters and thought leaders at the forefront of PropTech, discover groundbreaking solutions from innovative startups and gain insights into how technology is reshaping the commercial real estate landscape.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a tech-savvy entrepreneur, CREtech New York is your launchpad for forging strategic partnerships, staying ahead of the curve, and unlocking new opportunities in the tech-driven future of real estate.

15. Triple Play REALTOR Convention & Trade Expo

Atlantic City, NJ

Date: December 9-12

Ring in the holiday season with professional development and networking at Triple Play. This comprehensive event caters to every aspect of a realtor’s life, from sales and marketing to technology and legal trends. You can attend informative sessions, explore the bustling expo hall, and connect with colleagues from across the country.

With its focus on education, networking, and fun, Triple Play is the perfect way to end the year with a rejuvenated spirit, a refreshed toolkit, and valuable connections to fuel your success in the years ahead.

Learn More About These Events with Icons of Real Estate

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