Unveiling the Exp ICon Guide 2023:Reaching New Heights in Real Estate

After podcasts and webinars, we’re now putting together the ultimate authority guide for eXp Realty… the eXp ICON Guide 2023!

You can count on iconic contributors like Elizabeth Riley, Avery Carl, Suzanne Fuqua, and Connor Steinbrook, among many others!

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Agent Tools For Success: Finding and Owning Your Niche

Real estate is a highly competitive industry, and it can be challenging for agents to stand out from their peers. One of the most effective ways to differentiate yourself in the real estate market is to find and own a niche in your market. When you choose to focus on a specific area of expertise, agents can offer unique insights, provide better service to those clients in that niche area,

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Why More Independent Brokerages Will Join eXp Realty in 2023

How it all started As a seasoned real estate professional, I have come to understand that success in this industry requires a strategic approach and a tireless work ethic. For my team, the pursuit of excellence and the desire to achieve our fullest potential led us to become the Lee Tessier Team of eXp Realty in January 2021. However, our journey towards this milestone was far from straightforward. It all

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Everything You Need to Know About eXp Realty Agent Benefits in 2023

Towanna Peterson-JacksonTeam Peterson Jackson Real Estate ProfessionalsIn a brave move, LaShawn and I made the switch to exp Realty in October of 2019 after facing discrimination at our former brokerage. With a renewed sense of belonging and support, we found a welcoming community at exp Realty that empowered us to thrive. Over the span of two years, from 2020 to 2022, our sales soared past the impressive milestone of $10

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Everything You Need to Know About Luxury Home Marketing

Marketing luxury homes require a deep understanding of your target audience and their expectations. As a 35-year veteran of luxury home marketing in the Los Angeles marketplace, selling over $300 Million a year in real estate and over $2 billion in his career, luxury Council member at eXp Luxury,Ed Kaminsky has witnessed the transition of luxury in the ’80s to the luxury of today. One thing that is clear is

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Fill Your Real Estate Pipeline using Relationship Marketing

When I started in real estate a decade ago, I was told by veteran real estate agents that I should door knock and cold call prospects to fill my real estate pipeline and get business.  My better judgment told me that since I hated getting cold calls and having strangers knock on my front door trying to sell me products or services, these methods didn’t make sense to me. I

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Top eXp Realty Agents’ Business Plan For 2023

As one of the Top eXp Realty Agents, I’ve been building and refining our business plan for several years.  Every top agent will have a business plan and work hard to achieve their goals.  There are a number of things we have implemented to become a top eXp Realty agent and it really starts with desire. I remember starting out in real estate and not really sure if I even

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These 4 Key Decisions Can Get You The eXp Icon Award In 2023

The Path to the EXP Icon Award in 2023The real estate market continues to experience uncertainties in 2023. There's a decrease in new properties for sale compared to previous years, and fewer transactions taking place. Additionally, interest rates are fluctuating, making it harder for those who want to invest in properties. It's important to remember that even if we're experiencing challenges, there are potential rewards that come with them. Setting

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Interesting Facts About eXp ICON Agent Program

Unveiling the EXP Icon Agent ProgramWhen I joined Exp Realty it was in the fall of 2017. Thanksgiving was happening in a couple days and my team had recently been sent the webinar explaining the Exp opportunity.  I was an agent with another big box real estate brokerage and was pretty happy where I was to be honest. I felt like they were the largest brokerage by agent count of

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How to Create an eXp Mega Icon Team in 2023?

Building Your Mega Icon Team at EXP RealtyMy name is Kunal Seth and I am the Co-Team Lead of The Seth Brothers Team out of Houston Texas. The Seth Brothers Team is an eXp Mega Icon Team and we joined eXp at the end of 2018. Right from year one, we positioned ourselves to become a eXp Mega Icon Team year over year. In addition to being a Mega Icon

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The 95/5 Revenue Share Training System: “3-Year Business Plan to Create a $100,000 Annual Passive Income”

Mapping Your Financial Future: Building a Passive Income StreamThis training system is designed for eXp agents to create a 6 figure “passive” income through the unique revenue share model.It’s designed in such a way that agents focus 95% of their time on the core business of “selling real estate” with 5% devoted to “referring agents” to eXp.Before we get into the details of the 95/5 System, I would like to

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