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Unveiling the EXP Icon Agent Program

When I joined Exp Realty it was in the fall of 2017. Thanksgiving was happening in a couple days and my team had recently been sent the webinar explaining the Exp opportunity.  I was an agent with another big box real estate brokerage and was pretty happy where I was to be honest. I felt like they were the largest brokerage by agent count of real estate professionals in the nation and had the systems and leadership in place to help move our team and my business to the next level. We were set for the foreseeable future!

What an eye opener it was for myself and my teammates when we watched the webinar. It was like our eyes were opened to so many more possibilities and the benefits to the agents and teams seemed to be endless!  We put together a plan to make our move to Exp shortly after the first of the year and set a plan of action in place to make the move as smooth as possible.  Within just a few days it seemed like the atmosphere changed at our current brokerage and the entire team started getting the urge to go ahead and jump. We discussed with the team at a meeting and decided to go ahead and make the move and work it out along the way.

We told our market center leader that we would like to meet with him and gave him the news and over the couple days the market center was closed over the thanksgiving holiday weekend we packed up our team office left….

I had heard about exclusive benefits of the Icon program in the webinar and thought it would be a great goal to set for myself in the future as I was on a team and didn’t fully understand  that I could choose to go full cap and attain Icon status while still on my team. I believed I had to be a solo agent to do that so I put it on a back burner.

It wasn’t until two years later that I left the team I was on and went solo agent and started to think about and research the exp realty Icon program. I had heard you had to cap then do 20 more transactions in that anniversary year and you would achieve Icon and Exp realty would automatically pay your entire cap back in stock in the company. As I dug into the program the more I realized that I had a false understanding of the program and that it was much more than getting your cap dollars back in the form of company stock. I learned that achieving Icon status is all about a commitment, both to growth, and to leadership and giving back to the company and other agents.  Here are a couple facts about who achieved Icon status at EXP Realty.

Hitting your cap and doing 20 more transactions does not necessarily qualify you for Icon Status.  You must be a full capping agent and hit your cap. Once your cap has been met you need to contribute $5000 in transaction fees to Exp with each full transaction paying $250. That would normally add up to 20 transactions, but there are multiple types of transaction that we do on a regular basis. Split listings, teaming up real estate agent on a buyer, team transactions with top agents with a portion of the transaction fee being paid by other agents, referral deals, etc. that make the $5000 fee attainable in differing amounts. The first time I hit Icon agent status it took 27 transactions. The second time it was 26. The third time it was 29. Once you have paid that fee you have met the financial requirement to move forward to Icon Status.

After the financial goal has been met you will go through an interview process with a current Icon Leader to determine if you are a good representative of the company and have common goals and traits that would make you candidate to be referred as an Icon. If you pass that you will be given the outline for what Icon Status represents and how you will be awarded your cap back in company and stock awards.

There are multiple commitments one must make to get the stock award full amount back. One major portion is awarded quickly after you have been selected for exp Icon program and the rest is paid back upon completion of certain commitments. Attendance at EXP major events, namely Share Holder Summit and EXPCON are the main things that will pay you more money back for attending. You will be awarded $2000 for attendance at each of these events. You will also be awarded amounts for contributing in EXP World by teaching in the Icon Theater, helping other agents achieve success in their business, becoming an Icon interviewer, achieving Mentor status and taking on trainees to help them become successful and more! There are multiple things you can do to be awarded cap stock back and I would recommend you look in Exp Enterprise and research the Icon Award program and how it works.

I can say that I have attained Icon Status for the 3rd year in a row and I am honored to be included in the top 2.5% of all agents at EXP in my production goals and giving back to the company in the Icon Program. It has given me self confidence, assurance in my business model that I am doing many of the things to achieve the goals I set for myself and my team, and that I have a heart to give back to the company that has given me so much.

At the major events we have many Icon Exclusive perks. From a private lounge, to meetings, special meals with great speakers team leaders producing agents, masterminds, and breakouts specifically for Icons to learn how our fellow agents are achieving success in their markets and how we may help each other to grow and flourish at this amazing company! All in all I highly recommend the Icon program. I give it 5 stars!

Meet Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee is a top-performing real estate agent and Team Leader of the Patrick Lee Group at EXP Realty LLC with a focus on residential home sales, customer service, and relationship building. He has team agents in multiple cities from Amarillo, which is home base, to Austin, Tx thanks to the EXP systems for revenue share.  Patrick is a 3X Icon Award recipient   . He is an authority on internet marketing strategies and ranked #1 in his market  in social media presence by Property Spark in 2022. Patrick is a graduate of  The Austin Institute of Real Estate and has had a successful track record in real estate; in the last 24 months, he has closed 160 real estate sales transactions.  He was ranked in the top 2% of agents in his local realtor association for sales volume and the top 10% for closed transactions among US real estate agents in 2021. Clients working with Patrick can count on unmatched expertise and a dedication to helping them reach their real estate objectives.