These 4 Key Decisions Can Get You The eXp Icon Award In 2023

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The Path to the EXP Icon Award in 2023

The real estate market continues to experience uncertainties in 2023. There's a decrease in new properties for sale compared to previous years, and fewer transactions taking place. Additionally, interest rates are fluctuating, making it harder for those who want to invest in properties. It's important to remember that even if we're experiencing challenges, there are potential rewards that come with them. Setting aside fears and doubts can open up opportunities for growth in today's market.

Success in real estate requires developing new skills, being consistent, and having a growth mindset. Although success can mean different things for agents, one definition is having visible proof and recognition for your hard work and dedication.

At eXp® Realty, agents who are committed, and embody the company's core values are awarded as ICON. Since the program started in 2015, thousands of eXp® Realty agents have already achieved the eXp Icon Award. Attaining the eXp Icon Award can build your credibility, boost your confidence, and set you apart in a competitive market. This is truly a game-changer for eXp® Realty agents.

So, what does it take for you to achieve massive results? Are you ready to remove blind spots and limiting beliefs that stop your growth?

Here is the list of decisions that can get you the eXp Icon Award In 2023:


Have you ever felt unhappy or unfulfilled with your current situation? If your business is not where you want it to be, it's because you're not where you need to be.

It's simple to fall into the trap of complacency, yet the source of unhappiness lies in our vision for the future. When you have limiting beliefs, you become stuck.

Our mindset is the number one constraint we face in achieving our goals. If we don't believe we are capable of something, then we won't take the necessary steps to make it happen. That is why it is crucial to think big, be clear with your vision, and push yourself to expand your mindset.

It is important to have the clarity to move forward with intention. Without a clear vision for the future, you go around in circles. But, by gaining clarity, and working towards your goals, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.


Having a defined purpose is critical for success. It's not enough to sell homes - you need to understand and articulate why you do what you do, and the impact you hope to have on your clients' lives.

This starts with understanding your company's purpose. Why does your company exist, and what is the bigger picture that you're working towards? Understanding your company's purpose can help build relationships, trust, and loyalty with clients. By doing this, you can stand out from others and attract clients who are most aligned with your values.

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A strategy is where you figure out what you're good at, what you're not good at, and how you can get better. You create a good plan by identifying the biggest challenges you are facing. A well-defined strategy helps everyone in the organization by being clear on what to do. It aims to work together to achieve common goals.

A good strategy collects daily wins that lead to building confidence. Close the gap between planning and execution by filling up your calendar. Remember, whatever is on your calendar is your priority. Take actionable steps, build habits, and ensure that your daily activities create wins.


The number one factor for success in real estate is having a team filled with people in the right seats. This means having the right people in the right roles with the skills and experience to excel in their positions. Without this, it's difficult to achieve optimal results and sustainable, long-term growth.

It's also important to know where you want to go and who is riding with you. This means having a clear vision of your goals and working with a team that shares your core values and understands your vision.

This includes working with a coach who is already where you want to be. Hiring a coach can provide market insights and effective strategies that help collapse time to get to your goals faster.

In forming a great team, communication is a key element in building connections. This gets the message across to everyone so they know what their roles are and what is expected of them. They can be accountable for their actions as well. This creates an environment where people are open to feedback, and suggestions and set clear agreements for success.

In conclusion, all these decisions can help position yourself as a top-performing agent and expert in exp world of real estate. Not only that, these are surefire ways to provide excellent service to your clients and achieve success in any seasonality of the market.

If you want to get the eXp Icon Award in 2023, it's important to make decisions that align with the company's core values and culture. Build a strong foundation that sets you apart for the progress and results you want to see this year. The road to success is not always easy but deciding to live by your core values can bring the exponential growth you want to see for your business and life!

Meet John Kitchens

John Kitchens is the most sought-after business growth and leadership development coach for real estate agents that want to build a business. John helps people become the best versions of themselves. He helps clients turn their real estate practice into a business which allows them to have an actionable plan to escape being a production agent and become the CEO and leader of their business.

Breaking apart goals into actionable systems and processes is what defines him. Whether it’s an Ironman finish, creating an organizational structure, or self-leadership principles through his consistency, daily disciplines, and habits, he helps identify and focus on the details that are vital and will lead to success and make big things happen. With over 14,000 coaching calls, his experience and broad perspective in all of the business dynamics allow him to bring clarity no other coach can.

Today, John is a father of four who is constantly traveling to speak and create an impact to change people’s lives. He also leads his own team and has created structured coaching programs to xXelerate your business and xXelerate your life.