How to Become an eXp Agent : 2023 Guide

Are you a real estate agent looking to take your career to the next level? Are you searching for a brokerage that offers cutting-edge technology, innovative tools, and unparalleled support? Look no further than eXp Realty!

eXp Realty is a cloud-based, full-service real estate brokerage that has been revolutionizing the industry since its founding in 2009. With over 87,000 agents across the globe, eXp Realty provides a unique and rewarding experience for agents looking to grow their business and take control of their own destiny like never before.

In this guide, we will discuss the steps to becoming an eXp Realty agent in 2023, including the benefits of joining, the requirements for becoming an agent, and the process for getting started.

Why Join eXp Realty in 2023 and become an eXp real estate agent?

eXp Realty offers a wealth of benefits for agents looking to take their business to the next level. Here are just a few reasons why joining eXp Realty in 2023 is a smart move for any agent:

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: eXp Realty offers an advanced suite of technology tools that enable agents to work smarter and more efficiently. From the cloud-based office environment to the company's proprietary CRM system, eXp Realty provides the tools agents need to succeed in today's digital world. Every eXp agent gets access to KvCore which normally cost around $6,000 - $8,000 a year completely free. You’ll also have access to countless other tools to help you grow and scale your business with ease.
  2. Revenue Sharing: eXp Realty offers a unique revenue sharing program that allows agents to earn a percentage of the company's revenue. This program offers a powerful incentive for agents to recruit other top-performing agents, and it can provide a valuable source of passive income. It’s similar to a referral agreement for a real estate transaction, but it’s for helping grow the company instead. This is not only a way to build wealth quicker than the normal route, but it is also willable which creates generational wealth for you. See How it works here: eXp Rev Share Explained. 
  3. Training and Support: eXp Realty provides comprehensive training and support to help agents grow their business. Whether you're a new agent just starting out or an experienced professional looking to take your business to the next level, eXp Realty offers the tools and resources you need to succeed. We currently offer over 80 a week of live and weekly training from some of the best Realtors across the globe which are all recorded for you as well. Our “trainers” are active agents who have to ICON before they can teach the other eXp agents (doing at least 30 deals in a single year or more), and our classes ranges from contracts, to technology, and even how to do 100 deals in a year, or even a billion dollars in real estate. It’s safe to say - with eXp Realty you’ll have the best training on the planet. We often call this the “Harvard” of real estate education. There is also a mentorship program for new agents as well - read below to see how that works in the “Competitive Commission Structure” section. 
  4. Global Presence: With a presence in more than a dozens countries, eXp Realty offers agents the opportunity to expand their business on a global scale. This provides a unique advantage for agents looking to work with clients from around the world. We span across all 50 states and 24 countries and are adding a new country every quarter or so. This will also you to have access to the largest referral program in the world for agents, so you can not only send deals back and forth to other eXp agents but also receive them.
  5. Competitive Commission Structure and stock awards: eXp Realty offers a highly competitive commission structure, enabling agents to earn more for their hard work. This structure is designed to reward agents for their performance, and it can help agents achieve their financial goals. We have some of the best splits in the industry with an 80/20 split until you cap at $16,000 in a calendar year of your join date then it goes to 100% commission for the remaining month. If you are a brand new agent, we offer a mentorship program where top agents like, Jordan Suber, and others will mentor you. The mentors will be in your city so you have a hand on approach to your training, and the program is an additional 20% for your first three transaction - up to your first year.

Becoming an eXp Realty Agent: 2023 Requirements

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Becoming an eXp Realty agent in 2023 is a straightforward process, but it does require meeting certain requirements. Here are the requirements for becoming an eXp Realty agent in 2023:

  1. Real Estate License: To become an eXp Realty agent, you must hold a valid real estate license in your state or province. This license must be in good standing and up to date. You can see that process here: How To Get Your Real Estate License.
  2. Sales Experience: eXp Realty welcomes all agents regardless of number of transaction, and also allows any level of time commitment. Part-time. Full-time, or even a couple hour here and there. If you are a brand new agent, you will be paried with a ceretifed mentor in your city. 
  3. Good Standing: To join eXp Realty, you must be in good standing with your current or previous brokerage. This means that you cannot have any outstanding legal or ethical issues. In short, you must be licesned or receiving your license after you have passed your state and national test.

Getting Started: The Process of Joining eXp Realty in 2023

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Now that you know the requirements for becoming an eXp Realty agent, let's discuss the process for getting started. Here are the steps you need to follow to join eXp Realty in 2023:

Research eXp Realty: Before you make a commitment to join eXp Realty, it's important to do your research. Visit the company's website, read reviews from other agents, and talk to current eXp Realty agents to learn more about the company's culture, values, and support systems. There are a lot resources out there for you to review, and to make it easier for you - here is a great video giving you the full presentation of what eXp Realty can offer you: The Truth About eXp Realty.

Contact a Sponsor: To join eXp Realty, you will need to work with a sponsor who is already a part of the company. Your sponsor will guide you through the process of joining and will be your point of contact for any questions you have along the way. This is a crucial step in your success with eXp since every sponsor is different and the group they are part of. The Royal Circle is one of the top groups within eXp Realty, and here is a video explaining sponsorship in greater detail: Choosing The Right Sponsor. 

Complete the Application: Once you have found a sponsor, you will need to complete the eXp Realty application. This application will ask for your personal and professional information, including your real estate license number, sales experience, and contact details. It is not binding, but will be how you start the official process. This quick video will walk you through the application process: How To Join eXp Realty And Become An eXp Agent.

Attend an eXp Realty Orientation: Once your application has been approved, you will be invited to attend an eXp Realty orientation. This orientation will introduce you to the company's culture, values, and support systems, and will provide you with the tools you need to succeed as an eXp Realty agent.

Start Working as an eXp Realty Agent: Once you have completed the orientation and have been officially welcomed to the eXp Realty team, you can start working as an eXp Realty agent, which is not your traditional brokerages. You will have access to the company's suite of technology tools, training and support resources, and revenue sharing program, enabling you to grow your business and achieve your financial goals.

Tips for Success as an eXp Realty Agent

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Now that you know how to become an eXp Realty agent in 2023, let's discuss some tips for success as an eXp Realty agent. Here are some things to keep in mind as you grow your business with eXp Realty:

  1. Leverage Tools/Technology: eXp Realty offers all of cutting-edge technology tools that can you need to be successful. Take the time to learn how to use these tools to their full potential, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
  2. Build Your Network: Networking is key to success in the real estate industry, and eXp Realty provides a powerful platform for building your network. Attend company events, participate in online forums, and connect with other eXp Realty agents to expand your reach and grow your business.
  3. Take Advantage of Training and Support: eXp Realty offers comprehensive training and support to help agents grow their business. Take advantage of these resources to improve your skills, learn new strategies, and stay up to date with industry trends. Also reach out to see if they healthcare we provide can save you and your family money. 
  4. Embrace the Revenue Sharing Program: The eXp Realty revenue sharing program provides a valuable source of passive income for agents who recruit other top-performing agents to sell. Embrace this program and work to build a team of agents who share your commitment to success. Even one agent in your organaztion makes a massive difference for you. (This is optional). 
  5. Focus on Personal Growth: eXp Realty is committed to personal growth and development, and this philosophy should be at the core of your business in the real estate market. Invest in yourself, set goals, and work to constantly improve your skills and knowledge.
  6. Start achieving your real estate goals and doing production: This will also earn you free stock, and ther are other opportunities to earn stock as well for just doing what you already do as a Realtor.


eXp Realty is a unique and innovative real estate brokerage that offers a wealth of benefits for agents looking to grow their business and take control of their own destiny. If you're a real estate agent looking to take your career to the next level, joining eXp Realty in 2023 could be the smartest decision that you make.

eXp Realty goal is to go to 1,000,000 agents within the next 10 years, so they question is - will you be one of them?

Feel free to reach out to Jordan Suber to learn more about eXp and The Royal Circle - he’s one of the top eXp agents at eXp Realty: [email protected]

Meet Jordan Suber

Jordan Suber is one of the top 90 agents at eXp Realty out of nearly 90,000 agents across 50 states and 24 countries. 

Despite Jordan Suber's successes now, he comes from very humble beginnings. He was homeless off-and-on from 12-18 and grew up where violence was some of his earliest memories. Despite all of that he has been able to become a millionaire by 30, and support other entrepreneurs and Realtors in the pursuit of their dreams. 

Since one of his biggest missions in life is to help over a billion people around the world, and over 100,000 Realtors get the freedom they deserve, he is giving you a copy of his best-selling book for free here:

If you want to learn more about him or how to join his team The Royal Circle reach out to him via social media; Jordan Suber for all of his platforms (YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook), or by email; [email protected].