Guest Bio

Ranked in the top 1% of agents in the East Bay, the #FastAgent himself Kenny Truong. In addition to being the #1 agent in Oakland from 2012 to 2019, Kenny has sold over 400 homes in the last nine years and was named Inman News’ Most Innovative Agent/Broker of the year in 2015.

Kenny started his career right out of college and in 2020, grew his team from 11 to over 105 team members within the San Francisco Bay Area & Sacramento. His team closed 169 homes for $128M. He is widely known for coaching agents on social media through Instagram and Clubhouse. Kenny has continued to pursue his passion of exceeding client expectations by leveraging local market knowledge with a huge system of technology and tools to delight them through the home buying and selling experience.

As an industry thought leader and influencer, Kenny talks about joining EXP realty, using tech to optimize efficiency and to connect with his network, the fast in teamFAST, keeping up with the latest trends and how teamFAST became the highest performing team.

Highlights of the Episode:

00:35 - Episode intro
00:45 - Guest intro and background : Kenny Truong
02:28 - Kenny’s real estate journey
03:39 - Kenny joins EXP realty
07:01 - What’s behind the ‘fast’ in team FAST
10:10 - Kenny’s systems and process
12:35 - Kenny on keeping up with the latest trends and innovations
14:37 - How team FAST became the highest performing team
17:13 - Advice for small teams
19:28 - Learning from Kennny’s mistakes
22:44 - What Kenny would tell his younger self
29:33 - Kenny’s goals
35:11 - Areas Kenny thinks he needs to improve and what he’s doing about it.

Notable Quotes:

“Nothing should ever be stagnant and the same all the time” -  Kenny Truong

“Find every opportunity you can to improve yourself” - Kenny Truong

Connecting with the Guest:

Tomás Fonseca | Host of the Real Estate Masters Summit Podcast.

About the host

Tomás Fonseca

Host of Icons of Real Estate Podcast

Podcast whisperer and a smile producer, Tomás Fonseca takes his Portuguese sway into all of his interactions. I guess that's what it makes him likeable...or so he thinks. Tomás probably travels more than works, but we are fine with it.


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