Guest Bio

Elizabeth was with a brokerage for ten years and just knew something had to change until her contacts in Atlanta told her about "the amazon of real estate" which is EXP realty. It was in May of 2015 when she came on board. Shortly after, she became the number one producer globally for EXP realty for years 2016 and 2017.

Elizabeth is an active investor in the Austin real estate market and she spends a great deal of time educating fellow EXP agents on topics that span the entire real estate industry.

Elizabeth has been recognized both locally and nationally as a leader both in production and community commitment. She bases her work ethic and motivation around service to her clients, to her community and to her team. We talk about her real estate journey, what she did to achieve massive growth in six years, and her secret to creating a 100 percent referral business.

Highlights of the Episode:

00:50 - Guest intro and background : Elizabeth Riley
01:38 - Elizabeth’s real estate journey
06:42 - What was behind Elizabeth’s massive 6 year growth
13:34 - Ringing the NASDAQ closing bell
15:31 - Elizabeth’s secret to creating a 100 percent referral business
19:32 - Has Elizabeth’s approach changed with the times and systems?
20:43 - What Elizabeth could’ve done differently in order to get the number 1 spot
25:51 - Latest marketing innovation Elizabeth applies in her day to day
27:11 - What Elizabeth would tell her younger self
29:29 - What Elizabeth is doing to improve her organizational skills

Notable Quotes:

“When you’re an owner of something you think differently, you act differently, you collaborate differently.” - Elizabeth Riley

“People want to do business with those they know, like, and trust ” -  Elizabeth Riley

“It’s all about consistency. It’s figure out what kind of agent you want to be, what kind of business you want to build” - Elizabeth Riley

Tomás Fonseca | Host of the Real Estate Masters Summit Podcast.

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Tomás Fonseca

Host of Icons of Real Estate Podcast

Podcast whisperer and a smile producer, Tomás Fonseca takes his Portuguese sway into all of his interactions. I guess that's what it makes him likeable...or so he thinks. Tomás probably travels more than works, but we are fine with it.


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